Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Kept in Overcrowded Shelters

Target: Dr. Kamal Hussain, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Greater Chennai Corporation

Goal: Enforce stricter pet registration and animal welfare standards to prevent such alleged neglect.

Actions in Chennai have spotlighted the dire situation for over 140 community dogs, allegedly housed under distressing conditions. These dogs, found in Andal Avenue, Velachery, were reportedly living in an environment rife with neglect. Seemingly unregistered, with many unsterilized, these animals’ plight brings to light glaring lapses in the enforcement of pet registration norms and Animal Birth Control Rules.

Details emerged after the Greater Chennai Corporation acted on a High Court directive, revealing that these dogs, including strays and mixed breeds, were allegedly kept forcibly in overcrowded shelters. Allegations suggest a lack of basic care, with insufficient space and medical attention, showcasing a systemic failure to uphold animal welfare. The incident raises significant concerns about the efficacy of existing regulations and the need for urgent reform to protect these vulnerable beings.

This situation underscores the urgent necessity for a comprehensive review and enforcement of animal welfare standards. It beckons for a demand from us, to ensure such alleged neglect does not recur. Implement stringent registration procedures, improve living conditions in shelters, and ensure all pets and community animals receive the care and respect they deserve.


Dear Dr. Kamal Hussain,

The recent seizure of over 140 dogs in Andal Avenue, Velachery, allegedly due to regulatory non-compliance, has shed light on a grave issue. It reportedly revealed a situation where animals were living in neglected conditions, many apparently unregistered and unsterilized, highlighting a failure in enforcing pet registration norms and Animal Birth Control Rules. This incident not only reflects on the reported distress of the animals involved but also on a broader systemic failure to protect the welfare of community animals.

Allegations of such neglect and the subsequent overcrowding of shelters underscore the urgent need for a review and strengthening of animal welfare standards and regulations. Steps must be taken to prevent recurrence. This includes stringent enforcement of registration, improving shelter conditions, and ensuring adequate medical care. Furthermore, public awareness campaigns are crucial to educate pet owners on their responsibilities and the importance of sterilization.

We urge you to take immediate action to address these concerns. Implementing stricter pet registration, enforcing animal welfare standards, and ensuring the humane treatment of all animals in Chennai is not just a demand; it is a necessity. These steps will not only benefit the animals but also contribute to the health and safety of the community at large.


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  1. Cruel SOBs need to be locked in a crowded cell until they starve to death

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