Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Struck Multiple Times on Head

Target: Matt Fogal, District Attorney for Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Prosecute the alleged brutal acts of animal cruelty recorded on camera to the fullest extent of the law.

Alleged acts of animal cruelty captured on home surveillance equipment in Hamilton Township. What was meant to safeguard a home and its inhabitants instead disclosed a disturbing scenario where a dog, presumably trusting and defenseless, was allegedly subjected to brutal violence. Reports based on footage obtained by Pennsylvania State Police suggest a series of brutal acts against the family pet, igniting public outcry and demands for justice.

The surveillance videos in question purportedly show instances where the accused, Rauzhaun Tahd Schroyer, allegedly assaults a dog in a manner that is both shocking and inhumane. Allegedly, the dog was forcefully dragged from its cage, struck multiple times on the head/face, and kicked. Such alleged actions, if true, not only breach legal and moral boundaries but also betray a fundamental duty of care owed to animals.

This case underscores the necessity for a decisive legal response to alleged animal cruelty. Take immediate steps to ensure the allegations are thoroughly investigated and, if substantiated, that the accused is prosecuted with the utmost severity.


Dear DA Matt Fogal,

The recent uncovering of alleged animal cruelty within a home in Hamilton Township, as captured on home surveillance footage, presents a grave concern that requires your immediate attention. The footage reportedly reveals a series of brutal acts perpetrated against a dog, including being struck multiple times and kicked in a manner that no living being should ever endure. These alleged actions, beyond their inherent cruelty, represent a serious violation of the laws designed to protect animals from abuse.

We implore you to act swiftly in response to these allegations. The evidence, as described, suggests a clear and urgent need for legal intervention to ensure that such alleged cruelty does not go unpunished. The moral and legal obligations to protect animals from harm demand a rigorous prosecution of the accused, should the allegations prove true.

Our legal system must reflect the values of compassion and justice that we, as a community, hold dear. We urge you to prioritize the investigation into this case and to prosecute the alleged acts of animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law. Let this case serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all living creatures and to stand firm against any and all forms of cruelty.


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Photo credit: InkHong


  1. Please rehome this poor dog so that he does not have to live in constant fear and sufferings. Throw his owner Rauzhaun Tahd Schroyer in jail for a long time and ban him from keeping pets permanently. He does not deserve to live with animals since he has no respect for them!

  2. We have a few states that are truly pits of hell for animals and Pennsylvania is definitely one of them. Please, show your residents that animal abuse is serious and that there will be consequences by prosecuting him and making an example of him by jailing, fining and banning him from any animal contact for life. What a coward this creep is.

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