Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Blinded With Spray Foam

Target: John M. Haroldson, Benton County District Attorney, Arkansas

Goal: Prosecute the perpetrator for the alleged mistreatment of an innocent dog, ensuring this atrocious act does not go unpunished.

A reported act of cruelty came to light when Benton Animal Services rescued a dog, its eyes mercilessly covered in spray foam. This shocking incident occurred on the side of Whitewood Drive in Benton. Responders were quick to find the helpless animal in an allegedly dire state, its vision entirely obstructed by the malicious application of the foam.

Upon discovery, the dog was immediately rushed to a veterinarian who reportedly managed to remove the spray foam, thankfully without causing lasting damage to the animal’s face or eyesight. Yet, the emotional and psychological scars allegedly inflicted upon this innocent creature are unimaginable. The dog remains under vigilant care, awaiting a clean bill of health before it can be considered for release.

This allegedly heinous act is a stark reminder of the cruelty animals can face at the hands of humans. It underscores the urgent need for legal intervention to ensure those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Identify and prosecute the individual(s) responsible for this appalling act of cruelty.


Dear DA John M. Haroldson,

We are reaching out to you today on behalf of a voiceless victim of an unspeakable act of alleged cruelty. A dog was found in Benton with its eyes fully obscured by spray foam, an apparent act of deliberate and shocking malice. Thankfully, prompt action by Benton Animal Services and medical intervention spared the dog from permanent physical harm, but the psychological trauma allegedly inflicted upon this innocent animal is profound and long-lasting.

The allegedly distressing circumstances surrounding this case highlight a severe issue within our community: the need for stronger enforcement of animal cruelty laws. Those responsible for such vile acts must be swiftly identified and brought to justice. We urge you to allocate all necessary resources towards the investigation of this case and to prosecute the alleged offender(s) to the fullest extent of the law.

Our collective demand is clear: we seek justice for this dog and a public statement that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our society. We ask you to act decisively in this matter, ensuring that the individual(s) allegedly responsible for this cruel act face the consequences of their actions. Such measures are crucial in preventing future instances of cruelty and in fostering a community that values and protects all its members, regardless of species.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Paul Sableman


  1. When found do the4 sesame to the abuser that was done to this innocent dog.
    Our legal system better take notice of how many people are upset that there is NO penalty at all for hideous people committing horrible crimes against innocent animals! Take the person or persons and open their eyes and spry them fully. Allow the time to pass as pass for the innocent dog. Then get them to the emergency room. I hope they will be able to see once more but if not … that’s payment for the crimes he or they committed. The legal system better perk up and protect the innocent or else4 what good are they for society???????????

  2. Someone knows who this dog belongs to and that is likely the person who did this to this poor dog. Offer a reward, people get great memories when cash is involved, and I bet you find the sadistic loser who abused this defenseless animal. Then, please prosecute and punish this freak with big fines, jail time and a lifetime ban on animal contact.

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