Animals Allegedly Refused Welfare Check by Caretaker Deserve Justice

Target: Chad Pitre, District Attorney of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Ensure accountability for the alleged severe neglect of 38 animals and guarantee their future welfare.

In a harrowing discovery outside Opelousas, Louisiana, 38 animals were reportedly saved from conditions suggestive of significant neglect at a former veterinary clinic. Law enforcement seized 34 dogs and 4 goats after reportedly receiving a concerning tip about their welfare. This alarming situation allegedly unfolded under the care of a 71-year-old man, previously entangled in similar accusations.

The distressing account involves the animals allegedly being left in potentially perilous conditions, prompting urgent action by local authorities. Reports claim that upon the man’s hospitalization, he explicitly refused help for the animals from the parish, indicating a deliberate avoidance of welfare checks. The seizure of these animals, under circumstances hinting at severe neglect, reportedly paints a grim picture of their ordeal.

The urgent need for justice and safeguarding the welfare of these animals cannot be overstated. This case not only underscores the apparent pattern of neglect by an individual previously arrested for animal cruelty but also highlights systemic issues in animal welfare oversight. Demand immediate and decisive action to ensure the well-being of the animals involved and to prevent such alleged neglect from recurring.


Dear DA Chad Pitre,

We bring to your attention a deeply concerning case involving the alleged severe neglect of 38 animals in a facility just outside Opelousas. This distressing situation involved 34 dogs and 4 goats, which were rescued from conditions reportedly indicative of significant neglect. The individual is allegedly responsible for this neglect has faced similar accusations in the past, highlighting a troubling pattern of behavior.

The gravity of this case demands a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action. The details suggest an allegedly deliberate disregard for the animals’ well-being, emphasizing the need for a robust response to prevent further occurrences of such alleged neglect. The welfare of these animals, and the integrity of our community’s stance on animal cruelty, rests upon the actions taken in response to this case.

We urge you to ensure that this case is pursued with the seriousness it warrants. Accountability for the alleged neglect and a commitment to the future welfare of the animals involved are paramount. Our community looks to you for leadership in upholding the values of compassion and justice for all beings.


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  1. lou castora says:

    these type of people are the worst. when they are supposed to be caregivers and instead do just the opposite. when stuff like this happens these people need to be stripped of their license. i don’t know where humanity has gone but it doesn’t seem to be coming back. these stories multiply by the day with no end in sight. you eliminate one and ten more stories pop up. it is hard to watch.

  2. It’s past time we stopped looking for anything like “leadership” from these self-proclaimed “authority” figures and their corrupt system. They’re all part and parcel of the same ugly picture and they won’t solve any of this FOR us. It’s up to US to create and build what we want to see.

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