Demand Justice for Animals Vulnerable to Harmful Festival Celebrations

Target: Bhupender Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India

Goal: Enforce regulations against the use of toxic colors on animals during festivals

Events have shed light on the distressing impact of Holi celebrations on animals in India. Reports indicate that, during these festivities, numerous animals are exposed to colors containing substances potentially harmful to their health. This practice, arising either from ignorance or malintent, invariably results in the animals suffering the consequences.

Madhurima Tuli, an actress and animal welfare advocate, has been vocal about the dangers posed by applying colors to animals during Holi. She highlights that the chemicals in these colors can cause severe complications, including skin issues and other health problems for the animals involved. Despite Tuli’s pleas for compassion and restraint, the issue persists, with many animals continuing to face unwarranted suffering during these celebrations.

The need for immediate action is clear. Legal measures must be introduced to protect animals from being subjected to these harmful practices. It’s crucial to enforce regulations that prevent the use of toxic substances on animals during festivals. Demand that the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change take decisive steps to address this issue and ensure the well-being of all animals during such celebrations.


Dear Minister Bhupender Yadav,

We reach out to you concerning a matter of urgent importance involving the welfare of animals during festival celebrations, notably Holi. It has come to our attention that animals are being exposed to potentially toxic colors during these festivities, leading to unnecessary suffering and health complications. This practice, often overlooked as a form of cruelty, needs immediate attention and legal intervention.

Actress and animal welfare advocate Madhurima Tuli has repeatedly raised awareness about the harm caused by applying these toxic substances to animals. Despite her efforts, the issue persists, underscoring the need for stronger protective measures. Animals, unable to understand or escape these situations, are left to bear the brunt of human actions, suffering in silence.

We urge you to enact and enforce regulations prohibiting the use of harmful colors on animals during festivals. It’s imperative to safeguard these innocent beings from the unintended consequences of human celebrations. By taking action, we can ensure a more compassionate and humane approach to our festivities, where joy does not come at the expense of others’ well-being.


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  1. Doesn’t just happen in India! I once spent an hour washing off pink dye off a neighbor’s cat’s tail on Halloween, because “DUH!” dyes are toxic! Her stupid humans did that to her, for their own amusement. Not only that, they’d let her OUT on such a risky night (thankfully, she came over to our house). Those as dumb as a shoe shouldn’t be allowed to have animals, period!

    • And yes, I took her home after, saying “someone” did this to her and how DANGEROUS, both that and her being out, was.

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