Don’t Subject Animals to Potentially Terrifying, Stressful Spectacle for Entertainment

Target: Arif Virani, Minister of Justice, Canada

Goal: Ensure the immediate cancellation of events involving alleged animal cruelty and initiate legal investigations.

Recent reports from Animal Justice and the Winnipeg Humane Society have cast a harsh light on planned activities at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. Allegedly, these events, including a “calf scramble” and “sheep wrangling,” subject juvenile animals to undue stress and fear. Such activities, slated for inclusion in a fair known for its agricultural significance, have sparked outrage among animal rights advocates.

The specifics of these events paint a disturbing picture. Young individuals are allegedly encouraged to chase, grab, and wrestle young animals in brightly lit, unfamiliar arenas, inducing significant distress in the creatures. Past instances of similar events have led to public outcry and legal scrutiny, yet the fair’s organizers seem poised to repeat these contentious activities under a new banner, the “barnyard challenge.”

The continuation of such alleged events not only raises serious ethical questions but also potentially violates Canadian animal rights laws. Aninal advocates argue that entertainment should never come at the expense of animal well-being. Demand the immediate cessation of these activities and call for accountability from those responsible.


Dear Minister Arif Virani,

In light of concerning allegations brought forth by Animal Justice and the Winnipeg Humane Society, we urgently seek your intervention. The Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, a celebrated event within the Canadian community, stands accused of planning activities that reportedly involve significant animal distress. These include a “calf scramble” and “sheep wrangling,” where young animals face potential fear and panic for the sake of entertainment.

Such alleged activities, described as causing undue stress to juvenile animals, not only tarnish the fair’s reputation but also challenge the nation’s commitment to the humane treatment of all beings. Past actions have shown a willingness to adapt and change, demonstrated by the cessation of similar events in previous years. However, the introduction of the so-called “barnyard challenge” suggests a troubling return to outdated practices.

We implore you to ensure these events are halted immediately and to initiate a thorough legal investigation into the matter. Laws protecting animals from distress and suffering must be enforced, particularly when violations occur in the public eye. By addressing this issue decisively, we affirm our societal values and legal commitments to animal welfare.


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  1. Ruth Hanrahan says:

    Dont support circuses, zoos or any animal entertainment anywhere around the world.

  2. The activities you plan are not that of a civilized society. These type of actions were felt to be of little matter over 100 years ago when people had much fewer ways to access entertainment. In today’s world this type of actions should be against the law. To ride animals like sheep and pigs is stupid! We humans should be above that type of distress placed on an innocent animal. We are goons!!! We need to be human beings wanting the best for all. Teaching this to kids also warps their view and limits their compassion and intelligence. We want a world of hope not of goons just out for a good time at the expense of others’ suffering. There is no fun in that!

  3. And that’s WHY “animal rights” laws are written so loosey-goosey,” so deliberately full of vague language and easy loopholes to absolve humans from all liability! READ them for yourselves. And there IS no “agricultural significance” to terrorizing sentient animals. Such acts were NOT normally perpetrated on rural farms back in the day.These “Ministers” are a waste of space, allowing people any excuse to be cruel. What a slimy world we’ve let them create.

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