Seek Justice for Golden Retriever Allegedly Found Lifeless in Sack

Target: Benedicto A. Malcontento, Prosecutor General of the Philippines

Goal: Enact stringent legal consequences for the alleged cruel treatment of a golden retriever.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a three-year-old golden retriever named Killua reportedly vanished from its home, only to be discovered lifeless, apparently concealed within a sack on a secluded part of the owner’s property. This appalling event swiftly captured the attention of the public, inciting a wave of empathy and demand for justice from animal lovers nationwide. Notably, celebrities like Sarah Geronimo and TV host Kim Atienza have vocalized their support, underscoring the importance of standing against such alleged brutality.

Further exacerbating the community’s outrage, the dog’s owner, Vina Rachelle Arazas, shared the distressing tale, noting that a neighbor led her to the grim discovery under the claim of a purported attack by Killua. Despite the absence of immediate legal action, the fervent call for accountability has not waned. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has stepped forward, offering to aid in the legal pursuit against the individual accused of this reprehensible act, underlining the urgency of this matter.

This grievous situation not only highlights the alleged egregious act against an innocent animal but also raises a significant discussion about the enforcement of animal rights laws in the Philippines. It is crucial to ensure that such alleged acts of cruelty are met with the full force of the law, to serve as a deterrent against future transgressions and to honor the memory of Killua by advocating for the respect and protection that every animal deserves. Urge the Prosecutor General of the Philippines to take decisive action.


Dear Prosecutor General Benedicto A. Malcontento,

In a recent distressing incident, a beloved three-year-old golden retriever, named Killua, reportedly disappeared from its home, later found by its owner, Vina Rachelle Arazas, apparently lifelessly stuffed into a sack on their property. This alleged act of cruelty has not only shocked and saddened a community but has also mobilized a widespread call for justice, led by voices such as Sarah Geronimo and Kim Atienza. They, along with many concerned citizens, advocate for accountability and an end to animal cruelty.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998 or Republic Act 8485 clearly stipulates the legal framework for such offenses, offering a foundation for punitive measures. Yet, the effectiveness of these statutes lies in their enforcement. The alleged inhumane treatment of Killua is a potent reminder of the ongoing struggles in safeguarding animal rights. This case presents an opportunity to reaffirm the country’s commitment to justice and compassion, emphasizing that such alleged acts should not and will not be tolerated.

Thus, we respectfully urge you to take swift and decisive action in investigating this matter. By ensuring that those responsible for the alleged cruelty faced by Killua are held accountable, we can send a strong message about our society’s values and its unwavering stance against animal abuse. Let us honor Killua’s memory by standing firmly for justice and the protection of the voiceless.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Barnabas Davoti

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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    It’s a third world country, nothing will be done about this heinous crime. The poor owner lost a beloved pet and no one will do anything to get justice for the innocent dog!!

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