Horse Allegedly Left as Rubbish After Tragic Death Deserves Justice

Target: Commissioner Drew Harris, Ireland National Police and Security Service

Goal: Enact and enforce stricter laws against sulky racing to prevent animal cruelty.

A heart-wrenching incident reportedly unfolded on a bustling Limerick road, shedding light on the dark underbelly of sulky racing. Allegedly, a young horse succumbed to a heart attack amidst a race, left unattended by its owners on the N21 outside Newcastle West. Eyewitness accounts and social media outcry paint a grim picture of reported neglect and abuse, as the animal was discarded like refuse, igniting widespread condemnation.

Further distressing revelations from My Lovely Horse Animal Rescue underscore the sinister backdrop against which this tragedy allegedly occurred. These races, seemingly benign to some, reportedly involve young horses being relentlessly whipped and run to exhaustion on unforgiving roads for financial gain. The reported loss of this innocent life is not an isolated incident but a chilling reminder of the routine brutality inflicted in the name of sport. The outcry for justice echoes the collective dismay and calls for immediate action against those responsible for such barbarism.

The necessity for swift and decisive legislative action cannot be overstated. This reported tragedy underscores a broader issue of animal welfare neglect and the urgent need for stricter regulations and enforcement against sulky racing. Accountability for the involved parties and a commitment to safeguarding animal rights must be the immediate focus, to ensure no other animal suffers a similar fate. Demand the enactment of stringent laws and penalties that reflect the severity of these acts of cruelty.


Dear Commissioner Drew Harris,

In the wake of the tragic incident on the N21 outside Newcastle West, where a young horse was reportedly left to die roadside after a sulky race, we find ourselves compelled to voice our collective outrage and demand action. The details surrounding this event are not only heart-breaking but indicative of a much larger issue at hand: the seemingly rampant and unchecked cruelty within sulky racing. This alleged incident, widely shared across social media platforms, has stirred profound anger and a demand for justice from the public.

The allegations against the individuals involved in these races—forcing young horses to the brink of exhaustion on hard surfaces, all for the sake of betting gains—are distressing. The reported abandonment of this horse, suspected to have suffered a heart attack, without any attempt at care or decency, is a glaring testament to the cruelty that seemingly permeates this activity. This incident should serve as a wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need for stringent oversight, regulation, and enforcement to protect these defenseless animals.

Thus, we implore you to take immediate and decisive action to address this grave injustice. It is imperative that laws be enacted and rigorously enforced to not only hold those responsible accountable but to prevent such atrocities from occurring in the future. We urge you to implement stricter regulations against sulky racing and ensure that animal welfare is prioritized, ensuring that no other animal suffers as this horse seemingly did. The time for change is now, and it is within your power to enact it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: David Kelleher


  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Animals are seen only as a way to make a profit! People just don’t seem to care about their welfare. It’s a disgusting fact anymore. Until people are harshly punished, things like this will continue to happen.

  2. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    This abnormally evil character trait in IRELAND makes me think that these could be Travellers.
    There was once a report about 10 – 15 years ago that caused a political outcry, which I think vanished into the sand.
    Various horses, from foals to adults, were abused for dirty games (running on the streets, etc.).
    Broken legs and many other injuries, some of them serious, were normal.
    Afterwards these poor injured animals were left to their fate. in a mess of broken glass and other objects that were catastrophic for animals, which led to even more injuries/death. they were young travelers. but, unfortunately, we never heard anything again.

  3. Ireland mistreating animals? How surprising, NOT

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