Hunter Shoots Family Dog For ‘Interfering With His Hunt,’ Say Police


Target: Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette

Goal: Prosecute man facing a felony charge for shooting a family dog to the fullest extent of the law.

A man identified as Tyler McKeon has been charged with shooting one family’s dog. After hearing the shots, the Pickvets found their beloved pet, Tippy, dead in a wooded area near their farm. Shortly afterward, a member of the family noticed McKeon walking toward the road and asked if he had shot her dog. The man denied the accusation but then “flipped them off” as he drove away. Police later charged him with one count of torturing or killing an animal, which is a felony.

When law enforcement questioned McKeon about the incident, he reportedly confessed to shooting the dog. He also claimed that he had previously spoken with the Pickvet family about their dogs, and that he had reported Tippy to animal services before. Court documents show that neither of these statements were true.

The Pickvet family denied having any such conversation, and records at the local Animal Control showed no documentation of calls from McKeon. He then hired a lawyer and took a new approach to the case, claiming that he had shot the dog by accident. However, police reports on the day state that there was clear weather, sunny skies and high visibility.

Help ensure McKeon receives the punishment he deserves by signing the petition. McKeon has already proven to be dishonest and disrespectful and cannot be trusted. A man who would commit such a senseless act because a dog was in his hunting blind is heartless.


Dear Attorney General Schuette,

Police recently responded to reports from a local family that their dog had been shot and killed near their property. The couple had confronted the man they felt was responsible, but he denied the accusations. However, after reportedly “flipping them off” as he drove away, the family grew more suspicious. Law enforcement was able to identify the man as Tyler McKeon and later charged him with one count of torturing or killing an animal.

In spite of his previous denials, he had admitted to the police that he shot the dog. He also disclosed that the dog had been in his hunting blind and interrupted his shooting. He added that he had spoken to the family about their dog’s behavior in the past and that he had even reported the dog to the Bay County Animal control. No such records exist at the animal control and the family denies the conversation happened.

McKeon has since hired a lawyer and changed tactics. He now insists that the shooting was an accident. However, court records show the unlikelihood of this as police reported that the day was sunny and clear with high visibility.

We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation is done and that if found guilty, Tyler McKeon is punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is not the only incidence of animal cruelty in Michigan since the start of the year. Show Michigan’s stance on animal rights by helping the Pickvet family to get justice for their murdered pet.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pickvets family


  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    PLEAE prosecute this man to the fullest extent of the law for murdering this poor dog for no reason 🙁

  2. sandra mason says:

    people are careless with their pets. they think whatever a dog does it’s ok. we are all supposed to be fine with the dog running on our property, barking in the middle of the night and all day long. we are supposed to accept what dogs do because.. hey, it’s a dog, it’s what they do.. we were walking out our front door the other day and a dog with a collar came charging up barking snarling and growling. we had to throw shovels at him to get him to get away from our door. and this was in town. I could have hurt him, but, I didn’t. still, the dogs should not be allowed to run either in town or in the country. cats also should be kept at home where they are safe. people’s first choice shouldn’t be to shoot the animal. some people just like to kill animals. some people aren’t responsible enough to have a pet at all. ultimately, it’s the pet who pays.

    • June Haggar says:

      I’m sure the dog running on your property must have damaged your mansion or perfectly landscaped grounds? Stop complaining about the dogs and make your legislators pass a “leash Law” bill so that dogs must be kept in fenced yards, spayed and neutered or get taken away from the owners. It’s not the dogs fault. Change the laws. It’s quite simple.

    • Janet Lynch says:

      Sandra, just because you recently had a bad experience with dogs and are apparently annoyed by dogs in general in your town does not mean that Mr. McKeon is not criminally culpable in this case. Many people who live in the country allow their dogs to run in woodlands which abut their own properties. The analogy simply doesn’t hold here. Perhaps you should move to a pet-free gated community if dogs annoy you so much.

  3. June Haggar says:

    If this P.O.S. does not get prosecuted with a huge fine and time in JAIL, then it tells every hunter that it’s OK to even kill a person that interferes with their “hunt”. This was cold-blooded MURDER and no different if it was a person in the woods that clear bright day. He also lied and was caught and changed his story which is documented by the police. The LAW needs prosecute fully before another evil hunter thinks it’s OK to shoot a person in the woods.

  4. HANG HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. He murdered a member of their family. This is unconscionable.

  6. William Eaves says:

    It just shows how evil hunters are. Not ionly do they want to kill wildlife but peoples pets too. This guy should be jailed and the key thrown away. Hunting should be banned.

  7. I agree that the Pet owner should have been more responsible. That said, I think a lot of these Hunters are out to shoot anything they can to satisfy their blood lust.
    Dude should be punished…

  8. Please give this inhumane person the maximum possible punishment! Losing a family dog is almost like losing a child!It is frightening how much evil exists in this world!

  9. Janet Lynch says:

    I do not hunt and I post my property to hunters. This individual is an example why. He gives hunters a very bad name. These people think that just because they have a gun in hand they can traipse all over everyone else’s property shooting everything in sight- including family pets- using the flimsy and unconvincing defence that the victim “interfered” with their hunting. If a dog runs in front of my mountain bike or skis, I have no right to shoot it or intentionally run over it; I must avoid it. Tyler McKeon should have done the same in this case. Unfortunately, he is a revolting and violent individual who took out his frustrations on an innocent animal with lethal force and then treated the victim’s family with rude disrespect. I wouldn’t feel safe living near this individual and I would legally request a restraining order against him were I the dog’s owner. I repeat: people like McKeon are a big reason why people post their property to hunters.

  10. If a human or child got in his way, would he have shot them too? Or maybe Tippy was the prey all along?

  11. Hunters have no respect for life, and this proves it. This nasty excuse for a human being should be “put down”.

  12. Rose Barden says:



    Those please think of your own Victims, those that you Eat, Wear, Walk On….

  13. I vote we make it illegal to shoot animals. Period.

    • What about killing anmimals for food? Is that ok? Or torturing cows and baby calves to steal their milk, is that ok?

      • That is also NOT OK! That’s why everyone should go VEGAN not only for the abuse torture and murder of innocent animals, but for your health. Heart disease will drop to an all time low, and cancer will no longer exist if you don’t smoke. So beneficial to go Vegan or even Vegetarian to start, but the majority of people are so used to eating the rotting carcasses of animals, that I don’t think it will ever make it.

  14. Sonja Talboys says:

    SCUM like this are a disgrace to the human race and should be put down. WHAT would be happening if this had been a child???????????????????He’s a murdering bastard and in my opinion should get the death sentence good ridence to hunting murdering filth like this.

  15. that ****** needs to serve life in prison.
    and let the corporations test their products on him. not animals!

  16. Hope for this bloody Hunter to get paralyzed in his hands soon

  17. Heather Brophy says:


  18. Nature, treats back now ? bastard
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now
    Feel the touch and crying of dead animals every minute of your senseless life
    Live your hell now
    Because I am a Guardian for the animals ?

  19. why was he out hunting anyway & trying to deny it & to try & get away with it he only got caught out serves him right he deserves to go to jail or someone might shoot him despicable stupid & such an asshole i hope he gets what he deserves in jail.

  20. If people feel the need to hunt & kill, send them to hunt daesh, sorry, daesh carry guns & would shoot back so no chance of that. Hunters only hunt the defenceless who can’t shoot back.

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