Articles written by: Alexis Chateau

Success: Animal Hoarder Banned From Owning Animals

Photo-Credit-Lori-Stephan-310x310A woman was sentenced to five years of probation and banned from owning animals after law enforcement found 80 neglected animals on her property. Sign this petition to thank the prosecutor for the strong case he made against the animal hoarder.

Success: Owner of Illegal Slaughter House Pleads Guilty

Dirty Pig by Maret HosemannThe owner of an illegal slaughter house pleaded guilty and is banned from working around animals for the rest of his life. Sign the petition to show your support for this big win in the animal rights community.

Success: Gaza Zoo Selling All Remaining Animals to Save Them

Tiger sleeping by reonisFifteen starving and at-risk animals will be rescued from a zoo in a war-torn area. Show your support for sending these animals to new homes, and help raise awareness about the need to find them new caretakers.

Success: Sale of Commercially Bred Animals Banned in Local Pet Stores

pexels-photo by Shashank KumawatThe sale of animals sourced from puppy mills is now banned in a New York town. Thanks to previous legislation, this local government could enact this new law. Applaud the fact that this town had the power to ban commercially bred animals from their pet stores.

Applaud Volunteers Who Saved Dog Destined to Die

Before After Petra Valia OrfanidouVolunteers rescued a dog dying on the side of the road in Greece. Now she is happy, healthy and ready to be re-homed. Read her story and show your support for the volunteers’ hard work and Petra’s recovery.

Hunter Shoots Family Dog For ‘Interfering With His Hunt,’ Say Police

A beloved pet dog was shot dead by a hunter because the dog interfered with his hunt, say police. Demand that this hunter is vigorously prosecuted for this alleged act of heinous cruelty.

Success: Woman Accused of Abuse Surrenders Dog to Animal Shelter

Dog Katie SalernoA woman accused of leaving her two elderly dogs outside in a New York blizzard finally turned one over to the Guardians of Rescue. Help us thank the rescue organization for providing special care to Prince who is old and extremely ill.

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