Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death by Domestic Worker at Home

Target: Lucien Wong, Attorney General of Singapore

Goal: Ensure the alleged abuser faces legal repercussions for the death of a pet dog.

In a deeply disturbing incident, a domestic worker has been reportedly caught on camera in an act that seemingly led to a pet dog’s death on the owner’s balcony. Shock waves spread across social media following a February 27 post by Derrick Tan, president of Voices for Animals. His revelation brought to light a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities pets face, even within the supposed safety of their homes.

Details shared by the dog’s owner, referred to as Jason, with Mothership unravel a harrowing tale. Upon his return home, a shocking discovery awaited him – his beloved poodle, BoyBoy, had died under mysterious circumstances. Initial explanations by the domestic worker did not hint at foul play. Yet, a deep dive into CCTV footage reportedly painted a grim picture, contradicting her account and suggesting a violent act might have led to BoyBoy’s demise.

This alleged act of cruelty underscores a pressing need for robust legal measures to protect animals from abuse. The distressing evidence, including BoyBoy’s post-mortem condition, raises alarming questions about his final moments. Bring justice for BoyBoy. Also, establish a precedent that such alleged acts of cruelty carry severe legal penalties.


Dear Attorney General Lucien Wong,

We find ourselves compelled to address an issue of grave concern – the alleged beating death of a pet dog, BoyBoy, reportedly at the hands of a domestic worker. The incident, reportedly captured on camera, has ignited widespread outrage and calls for justice. It starkly highlights the vulnerabilities pets face from those entrusted with their care.

The details surrounding BoyBoy’s death are deeply troubling. His owner, having returned home, was initially unaware of the seemingly tragic events that had unfolded in his absence. It was only after reviewing CCTV footage that the horrifying allegations came to light, suggesting a narrative starkly different from the one presented by the domestic worker. This alleged act of cruelty not only robbed a beloved pet of its life but also betrayed the trust placed in those responsible for their welfare.

In light of these events, we urge you to take swift and decisive action. We demand that the alleged perpetrator be thoroughly investigated and, if found responsible, subjected to the full extent of legal repercussions. This case represents a broader issue of animal welfare and the need for stringent legal protections against abuse. Let BoyBoy’s tragic story be a catalyst for change, ensuring such alleged acts of cruelty are met with the seriousness they warrant.


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Photo credit: PickPik

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