Justice for Family Dog Subjected to Alleged Sexual Abuse

Target: Amira Fox, State Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for individuals allegedly involved in animal abuse cases

A deeply unsettling case has emerged from Lee County, Florida, drawing widespread outrage and calls for justice. Allegedly, Samantha White, 26, and John White, 29, engaged in, and documented, sexual acts with their family dog, a shocking betrayal of trust and care owed to their pet. The reported abuse, coming to light after a thorough investigation, underscores a grave violation of both legal and moral responsibilities towards animals.

Further scrutiny reveals that the Whites owned multiple dogs, raising fears that more animals might have suffered similarly. Upon these allegations, Lee County Domestic Animal Services took immediate action, rescuing four dogs from the home for necessary medical assessments. This case, highlighted by Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s firm condemnation of the alleged acts, spotlights the urgent need for protective measures against animal cruelty and exploitation.

The necessity for legal action is clear. The alleged abuse not only reflects a reprehensible disregard for animal welfare but also challenges the community’s values. Prosecute the Whites to the fullest extent under the law, reinforcing the state’s stance against animal cruelty and ensuring justice for the voiceless victims of such alleged crimes.


Dear Attorney Amira Fox,

We, a concerned collective, write to you amid disturbing reports of alleged animal abuse within your jurisdiction. Samantha and John White, residents of North Fort Myers, are at the center of allegations involving sexual acts with their family dog, acts which they reportedly documented. This case, beyond its immediate horror, suggests a broader issue of animals in distress, potentially subjected to similar mistreatment under the Whites’ care.

The intervention by Lee County Domestic Animal Services, resulting in the rescue of four dogs, marks a crucial step towards addressing this alleged abuse. Nonetheless, these allegations must be met with a robust legal response. The actions described, violating both the spirit and letter of Senate Bill 344, demand not only societal condemnation but stringent legal repercussions. Our collective conscience is tested by such cases; thus, we look to your office for assurance that justice will be pursued with unwavering resolve.

We urge you to employ the full weight of your authority to ensure a thorough prosecution of the Whites, should the allegations hold true. Such a response is vital not only for the immediate welfare of the affected animals but also for the integrity of our legal and ethical standards regarding animal treatment. Let this case serve as a resolute statement against cruelty and a commitment to the welfare of all beings under our stewardship.


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Photo credit: Rando Kangur


  1. Ought to have their owm ‘parts’surgically removed, sick bastards

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    John and Samantha White are a couple of perverts for sexually abusing their dog(s). Their behavior is repulsive and unacceptable. They need to be severely punished. I hope get well soon and get justice fur babies.

  3. Narelle Lindner says:

    The prevalence of these demonic and sick cases seems to be increasing daily!
    Society is descending into the most depraved and sinful acts of cruelty towards animals and children due to the internet, money, greed and the never ending search for more and more disgusting depravity. The use of drugs has fueled this trend also. The fact that the law turns a blind eye towards this criminal activity, and encourages sadists to continue their decent into Hell with a few slaps on the wrist is outrageous and we the animal loving voting public wont stand for it. Child trafficking is rampant and unless the public stand up and say enough is enough, the so called “LAW” will continue to ignore the plight of these victims, and the Devil will be triumphant!

    Judges need to wake the fuck up,,,, they are the ones allowing all these EVIL fucking monsters to roam free & torture Animals to death. JUDGES ARE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!

  5. Robin Abbott says:

    WTF is going on in Florida!! Animal abuse seems to be coming from there in droves!!! Floridian’s need to get their shit together or be blown off the map. Sickness

  6. Yvonne Sherman says:

    Give these Aholes the maximum punishment. What is going on in Florida? No laws to protect animals? Fort Myers is a pretty expensive area to live in. The sick bastards need jail time.

  7. Kill them both after removing their limbs slowly and painfully… they don’t deserve to live

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