Justice for Animals Rescued From Reportedly Deplorable Shelter Conditions

Target: M. K. Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against animal shelter accused of severe neglect and abuse.

Recent events have cast a shadow over the welfare of animals in a shelter located in Oragadam, Kancheepuram district, of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Egregious conditions reportedly led to the suffering of numerous innocent lives. An investigation by the Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board allegedly uncovered a harrowing scenario: 115 dogs and nine cats languished in appalling conditions, with many exhibiting untreated open wounds, highlighting a grave instance of alleged neglect and abuse. This shelter’s apparent failure to adhere to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, precipitated its closure, underscoring the urgent need for justice and reform.

Details emerging from the board’s findings appear to paint a grim picture of the living conditions these animals endured. Reportedly confined and left amidst their own waste, the animals appeared severely malnourished and underfed in a clear sign of profound neglect. The shelter’s state, described as extremely unhygienic, and the animals’ alleged poor health condition demand immediate attention and corrective measures. Such apparent neglect not only violates basic standards of animal welfare but also the trust placed in institutions supposed to safeguard these vulnerable beings.

The closure of this facility, while a necessary first step, is not sufficient to right the wrongs allegedly done to these animals. Those responsible for this alleged neglect and abuse must face the full extent of the law. By holding them accountable, we send a strong message against animal cruelty and underscore the importance of responsible stewardship. Prosecute and penalize those allegedly responsible to prevent future instances of such abhorrent neglect.


Dear CM M. K. Stalin,

Recent actions taken by the Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board have brought to light a situation of grave concern involving alleged severe neglect and abuse of animals at a shelter in Oragadam. This distressing revelation, where 115 dogs and nine cats were reportedly found in deplorable conditions, demands our immediate attention and a call for justice. The alleged findings of animals suffering from untreated wounds, malnutrition, and living in highly unsanitary conditions are not only unacceptable but also illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

This situation highlights an apparent significant breach of trust and duty towards these animals, who depend on human care and compassion. The conditions described by officials and the honorary member of the Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board, Shruti Vinodh Raj, suggest a level of neglect that is both shocking and deeply troubling. Our legal system must respond with appropriate seriousness to ensure that such alleged cruelty is not only stopped but also deterred in the future.

Therefore, we urge you to take swift and decisive legal action against those allegedly responsible for this neglect and abuse. By doing so, you will affirm our community’s commitment to compassion, justice, and the rule of law. It is only through such actions that we can hope to prevent such alleged atrocities from occurring in the future and ensure that all living beings within our jurisdiction are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

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