Greyhounds Allegedly Abused for Entertainment and Profit Deserve Justice

Target: Jorge Abbott, Prosecutor General of Chile

Goal: End greyhound racing and its alleged abuses in Molina.

Amidst the scenic landscapes of Chile, an appalling scenario unfolds in Molina, where greyhounds are subjected to alleged racing and mistreatment, veiled under the guise of sport. Allegations pinpoint Mayor Priscilla Castillo, alongside council members Cristian Aguilera and Francisco Valdes, for inaugurating a greyhound racetrack, igniting widespread condemnation from animal rights organizations. This alleged act seemingly flaunts not just ethical boundaries but flirts dangerously with legal transgressions, specifically under Chile’s Law No. 21,020 which penalizes animal abuse.

Further scrutiny reveals the racetrack’s inauguration on February 17th not only as an alleged act of cruelty but also as a potential hub for illegal betting and misuse of public funds, sparking a legal challenge by concerned citizens and animal welfare groups. The defense mounted by Mayor Castillo, claiming no municipal backing for the racetrack and assurance of animal welfare, appears contradictory in light of evidence showcasing the seemingly dire consequences for the greyhounds: from reported physical injuries to abandonment and worse. This contradiction starkly illustrates the gap between public statements and the alleged abuses faced by these animals.

The push for change is not merely a plea for animal rights but a call for societal and legal reform. The existence of such facilities undermines the progress toward a more empathetic and responsible interaction with all living beings. The demand for the immediate cessation of greyhound racing in Molina, alongside a rigorous legal examination of the alleged abuses and misuse of resources, is essential. Only through decisive action can we hope to foster a community that respects all its members, human and non-human alike. Take action now.


Dear Prosecutor General Jorge Abbott,

In the heart of Molina, a concerning situation has come to light involving greyhounds allegedly subjected to racing and mistreatment, a scenario that demands immediate and decisive legal scrutiny. This practice, ostensibly presented as a form of entertainment, allegedly involves significant animal welfare issues, raising alarms among local and national animal rights advocates. It is imperative to question the moral and legal grounds on which these races stand, especially considering Chile’s commitment to animal rights as evidenced by Law No. 21,020.

Allegations of abuse, alongside concerns regarding illegal betting and the potential misuse of public funds associated with the greyhound racetrack’s inauguration, necessitate a thorough investigation. The alleged involvement of local government officials, including Mayor Priscilla Castillo, underscores the need for a transparent inquiry to ensure accountability. The evidence presented by animal welfare organizations and concerned citizens highlights not only the apparent harm to the greyhounds but also the broader implications for our community’s ethical standards.

We urge your office to take swift action to address these concerns. This includes investigating the allegations of animal abuse, illegal activities, and the misuse of public resources linked to the greyhound racetrack in Molina. By doing so, you will not only be upholding the law but also promoting a culture of respect and care for all living beings. Let this moment be a turning point towards a more compassionate and just society.


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Photo credit: MTSOfan


  1. Dog racing, just like horse racing, is nothing but blatant abuse of innocent animals. It should be banned and outlawed. Animals suffer so much for human entertainment. It’s cruel and sickening.

  2. Animal abuse and killings, illegal gambling/gangs, unregulated exploitation of people who can’t afford basics bc of gambling abuses and the tragedies never stop associated with dog and horse racing….STOP THIS NOW before more sentient beings are harmed/killed!!

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