Dogs Apparently Malnourished and Chained Up for Extended Time Deserve Justice

Target: District Attorney Audrey Louis, Atascosa County, Texas, USA

Goal: Prosecute and ensure accountability for the alleged animal cruelty in Atascosa County

In January, a shocking discovery was made on a property just north of Poteet, Texas, where nearly 30 dogs were reportedly found in a state of severe malnutrition. These dogs, allegedly under the care of Patricia Stone who claimed to be an “animal rescuer,” were reportedly chained and appeared to have been neglected for an extended period. This allegedly appalling situation has raised serious concerns about the welfare of animals purportedly rescued and the accountability of those claiming to protect them.

Further investigation into this matter reportedly led to the arrest of Stone on two counts of Animal Cruelty, with 27 additional counts pending. The condition of these dogs, described by authorities as malnourished, highlights an allegedly gross disregard for their well-being and raises questions about the oversight of self-proclaimed animal rescue operations. The alleged actions of Stone not only betray the trust placed in individuals to care for vulnerable animals but also suggest a disturbing pattern of neglect and abuse.

The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated. These dogs deserved a sanctuary, not the alleged neglect they apparently endured. A strong legal precedent must be set, emphasizing that such alleged cruelty will not be tolerated and that those responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Demand that the Atascosa County District Attorney take immediate and decisive action to ensure justice for these animals.


Dear DA Audrey Louis,

The recent arrest in Poteet, Texas, concerning the alleged neglect and cruelty towards nearly 30 malnourished dogs has shocked our community and animal lovers everywhere. Allegedly, Patricia Stone, under the guise of being an animal rescuer, failed to provide the necessary care and protection these animals desperately needed. This situation highlights the critical need for strict oversight and accountability for individuals and organizations claiming to rescue and shelter animals.

The details of this case, as reported, depict a harrowing scenario of neglect. Dogs reportedly chained and malnourished on Stone’s property, suffering needlessly, is an image that compels us to call for justice. The allegations against Stone, including two counts of Animal Cruelty with 27 additional counts pending, suggest a pattern of behavior that cannot be ignored. We urge you to pursue this case with the seriousness it warrants, ensuring that those responsible for such alleged acts of cruelty are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Our demand is simple yet crucial: hold those responsible for the alleged neglect and cruelty of these nearly 30 dogs accountable. This case represents not only an apparent failure to protect vulnerable animals but also a breach of public trust. By taking decisive action, you will send a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious offense, deserving of significant legal consequences. Let us ensure that justice is served for these animals and that future acts of such alleged cruelty are deterred.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Alan Levine

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  1. Texas, who would’ve guessed? When you refuse to arrest and prosecute severe and heinous animal abuse of all kinds then you just get more of this, Texas essentially enables and even encourages animal ABUSE by refusing to do anything concrete about it – horrible place ate be if you’re not cattle.

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