Animals Reportedly Found Without Food, Water, or Shelter Deserve Justice

Target: District Attorney Elizabeth M. Crawford, Franklin County, New York, USA

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution and legal consequences for allegedly severe animal neglect.

Neglected and suffering, multiple animals were rescued from a home where they reportedly lacked essential care, highlighting a grave case of alleged neglect. The distressing discovery at a Mercersburg residence shed light on a seemingly dire situation: animals without food, water, or shelter, allegedly left to fend for themselves in conditions that no creature should ever endure. Such conditions reportedly included animals visibly underweight, tethered without access to potable water, and seeking sustenance from empty food cans.

Further investigation into this matter allegedly revealed more animals in similar states of distress, including a dog with its ribs, lumbar, and hip bones prominently visible, indicating a severe level of undernourishment. These animals, entrusted to the care of an individual, were reportedly found in a state that suggested a complete disregard for their well-being, an act that begs for accountability and stringent legal action. The use of the Purina body score chart by officers to assess the health of these animals underscores the severity of their condition, with at least one dog seemingly being at a critical level of underweight.

The urgent need for change is palpable. It is imperative that a message is sent, loud and clear, that disregard for animal welfare will not be tolerated. Our petition calls for the rigorous prosecution of the individual allegedly responsible, to not only provide justice for these animals but to serve as a deterrent against future acts of neglect. Demand swift and decisive legal action against those allegedly responsible for this heart-wrenching neglect.


Dear DA Elizabeth M. Crawford,

We write to you today, deeply troubled by the allegations of severe animal neglect discovered in a Mercersburg home. The reported conditions in which these animals were found—lacking food, water, shelter, and necessary veterinary care—are both heartbreaking and utterly unacceptable. Such alleged neglect not only highlights a disregard for life but also violates the trust placed in individuals to care for these vulnerable beings.

The specifics of this case, as reported, paint a grim picture of suffering and neglect. Animals, reportedly emaciated and in desperate need of care, were found in conditions that no living being should ever endure. The alleged failure to provide the most basic needs—food and water—is particularly distressing, with animals left to lick empty cans in a futile search for sustenance. This situation, as outlined, demands not just our attention but our action.

We urge you to ensure that this case is met with the full force of the law, to hold those allegedly responsible accountable for their actions, and to serve as a deterrent to others who may consider neglecting their duties to animals in their care. Our goal is simple: to see justice served for these animals and to prevent egregious neglect from occurring in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Barbara Eckstein


  1. The piece of filth responsible for this heinous act of neglect, needs to be taken out of society. This pos should never be allowed to go near an animal again. I am so sick of hearing about the suffering of innocent animals at the hands of rotten, crappy people!!

  2. These vile people deserve long prison time and permanent ban on animal ownership. Please rehome the animals to good families.

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