Dog Apparently Sexually Exploited on Camera Deserves Justice

Target: District Attorney Greg Mashburn Goal: Ensure rigorous legal action against the individual for alleged animal cruelty. In a deeply unsettling development reported from Cleveland County, an individual has been accused of engaging in sexual acts of animal cruelty. Originating from an investigation by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, this case not only accuses the individual of severe crimes against animals but also touches upon the darker facets of abuse facilitated through digital means. Investigators, acting on a tip, allegedly uncovered evidence within the suspect’s residence that pointed towards the mistreatment of animals. Disturbingly, this included video footage purportedly showing the sexual exploitation of a dog. Such acts, if proven, represent a blatant disregard for the well-being and dignity of innocent animals, necessitating a strong and unequivocal legal response. The importance of addressing these allegations extends beyond the immediate legal implications; it speaks to our collective responsibility to protect those unable to defend themselves. This petition calls for the full might of the law to be brought against the accused, ensuring that any forms of cruelty are met with the sternest of consequences. The community and its legal guardians must stand united in condemning and combating animal cruelty. Take action now. PETITION LETTER: Dear District Attorney Greg Mashburn, The recent allegations of animal cruelty within our community have caused significant alarm and outrage among concerned citizens. The case, as reported by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, involves not only the possession of child exploitation material but, more pertinently, the alleged abuse of animals in a manner most cruel and abhorrent. It is the latter issue that this petition seeks to address, urging your office to prioritize the prosecution of these alleged acts of animal cruelty. The evidence reportedly discovered, including video footage of the sexual exploitation of a dog, highlights a brutal violation of animal rights that cannot and should not go unchallenged. Such alleged behavior is not only illegal but morally reprehensible, underscoring the urgent need for justice and the protection of vulnerable animals from such atrocities. We, therefore, call upon you to take immediate and decisive action in this case. It is crucial that a thorough investigation is conducted to bring to light the full extent of these allegations and, if substantiated, that the individual in question is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By doing so, you will send a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our society and that those who perpetrate such acts will be held accountable for their actions. Sincerely, [Your Name Here] Photo credit: Milan Suvajac


  1. Please find this sick individual and charge to the fullest possible extent!!

  2. Hack this bastard’s genitalia off with a blunt, rusty blade….he won’t abuse anything else.

  3. Narelle Lindner says:

    The prevalence of these demonic and sick cases seems to be increasing daily!
    Society is descending into the most depraved and sinful acts of cruelty towards animals and children due to the internet, money, greed and the never ending search for more and more disgusting depravity. The use of drugs has fueled this trend also. The fact that the law turns a blind eye towards this criminal activity, and encourages sadists to continue their decent into Hell with a few slaps on the wrist is outrageous and we the animal loving voting public wont stand for it. Child trafficking is rampant and unless the public stand up and say enough is enough, the so called “LAW” will continue to ignore the plight of these victims, and the Devil will be triumphant!

  4. Disgusting piece of filth..rot in hell….psychopath

  5. I agree to chop it off. We need more justice in this country that give these animal abusers what they deserve. I think any judge that hears these cases needs to see the video tapes of these sick individuals before sentencing.

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