Mother and Puppies Reportedly Thrown From Moving Car and Abandoned on Road Deserve Justice

Target: Roger B. Handberg, Attorney for Wimauma, Florida, USA

Goal: Punish those responsible for the apparent abandonment and injury of Maya and her puppies.

In a distressing act of cruelty, a mother dog, later named Maya, and her two puppies, Valentino and Scarlett, were reportedly discarded on the side of a road in Wimauma, Florida. This incident, which reportedly occurred on February 8, has stirred outrage and sorrow within the community. Rescuers reportedly stumbled upon Maya in a state of panic, desperately searching for her puppies under the cloak of night. While two of her babies were saved, the fate of four others was grim, as they did not survive.

The injuries reportedly sustained by Maya and her surviving puppies, Valentino and Scarlett, suggest they were thrown from a moving vehicle. Such a heinous act not only exposes the physical harm inflicted upon these innocent beings but also underscores a grave moral failing. Maya, reportedly found malnourished and bearing scars of past abuse, requires surgery for her hip, while her puppies suffer from soft tissue damage, with Valentino experiencing mobility issues. The circumstances of their discovery on Valroy Road—a location known for dog dumping due to the absence of surveillance—further highlight the premeditation behind this cruelty.

This petition calls for immediate legal action against those implicated in this appalling crime. The deliberate harm inflicted upon Maya and her puppies cannot go unpunished. Their story, reportedly marked by suffering and resilience, underscores the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal cruelty laws. Demand accountability for the perpetrators of this act, ensuring such atrocities are met with the full weight of the law.


Dear Attorney Roger B. Handberg,

I am writing to you, deeply disturbed by the reported incident involving a mother dog, Maya, and her puppies in Wimauma, Florida. This case, where these innocent animals were allegedly abandoned and injured, demands your immediate attention and action. The details of their alleged condition upon rescue—malnourishment, physical injuries, and emotional trauma—reflect a clear violation of animal cruelty laws.

The evidence, indicating that Maya and her puppies were thrown from a moving vehicle, presents a disturbing picture of premeditated cruelty. The location of this crime, known for being a hotspot for animal dumping, further implicates a broader issue within the community that requires urgent legal intervention. Maya’s extensive injuries and her puppies’ suffering, particularly Valentino’s mobility issues, are heart-wrenching and warrant justice.

We urge you to prioritize this case, employing all available resources to identify and prosecute those responsible for this heinous act. It is essential that our legal system reflects the seriousness of animal cruelty crimes, sending a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated. By ensuring justice for Maya and her puppies, you have the opportunity to affirm our community’s commitment to compassion and the rule of law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Stephenie Schukraft


  1. People who abandoned their animals. Should be punished.

  2. This is too sad! Please find this monster and punish them to the fullest. Prayers for Maya, her surviving pups and those that did not.

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