Justice for Free-roaming Chicken Allegedly Killed on Camera

Target: Lucien Wong, Attorney-General of Singapore

Goal: Enforce strict penalties against wildlife cruelty

In a disturbing incident, a man was reportedly observed in Singapore engaging in the cruel act of killing a chicken, one that belonged to the island’s free-roaming population. This chicken, like many others, roamed freely, contributing to the local biodiversity and charm. Such an apparent display of cruelty not only shocks but deeply concerns those who value animal rights and environmental preservation.

Details emerging from this incident reveal the man, donned in blue, seemingly taking the chicken to a secluded area and there, ending its life. The method, whether by knife or bare hands, remains unclear, yet the act’s reported brutality is unmistakable. This event, captured and shared by a concerned citizen, reportedly highlights a severe breach of the Wildlife Act 1965, which strictly prohibits killing or capturing wildlife without explicit authorization from NParks. The authorities’ response, including a report filed by Acres co-CEO Anbarasi Boopal, underscores the gravity of such unlawful actions.

This reportedly egregious act not only highlights a blatant disregard for life but also violates specific legal protections afforded to wildlife in Singapore. Immediate action is necessary to ensure justice is served, sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Demand that the Director-General of National Parks implement stringent penalties for those found guilty of wildlife cruelty, ensuring the protection of all free-roaming animals on the island.


Dear Attorney-General Lucien Wong,

A recent incident involving the seemingly illegal killing of a free-roaming chicken in Singapore has sparked outrage and concern among the public. This act, captured by a citizen and widely shared, reportedly showcases a disturbing disregard for animal life and the laws designed to protect it. Under the Wildlife Act 1965, such actions are clearly prohibited, emphasizing the need for a strong and immediate response to prevent future occurrences.

The man responsible for this cruel act was reportedly seen taking one of the island’s free-roaming chickens, only to kill it in a secluded area. The specifics of how the act was carried out remain unclear, yet the intention and result are seemingly undeniable. This incident not only reportedly represents a direct violation of our wildlife protection laws but also poses a significant threat to our efforts in conserving biodiversity and fostering a humane and respectful coexistence with nature.

In light of these events, we urge you to take decisive action. Implementing stringent penalties against the individual found legally responsible and others who commit similar acts of wildlife cruelty is crucial. Such measures will serve as a deterrent, protecting our cherished free-roaming animals and upholding the integrity of our environmental laws. We call on you to enforce these laws without leniency, ensuring justice is served and setting a precedent for the protection of wildlife in Singapore.


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Photo credit: Compassion in World Farming

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