Justice for Sheep Allegedly Mistreated in ‘Lamb National’ Race

Target: Frank Ferguson, Chief Crown Prosecutor for South Cambridgeshire, UK

Goal: Ensure accountability and justice for the alleged mistreatment of sheep in the ‘Lamb National’ race.

In a quaint tradition aimed at sparking joy, an event has drawn ire instead. The Barton Carnival Committee’s decision to hold the ‘Lamb National’ race, despite significant public backlash, has raised concerns over the alleged mistreatment of participating sheep. These animals, reportedly chosen from a fate otherwise ending in the food chain, now find themselves at the center of a heated debate on animal welfare.

Critics, bolstered by animal rights advocates, have voiced alarm over the conditions and consent related to the sheep’s participation. The event, organized by Bob Hogg events at a steep price, has been defended by the committee with claims of careful consideration and assurances of animal welfare. However, allegations of distress and potential harm to the animals during the event persist, fueled by the broader question of ethical treatment and consent in animal entertainment.

The demand for this petition is clear: immediate investigation and legal action against any and all forms of alleged animal mistreatment associated with the ‘Lamb National’ race. It is crucial that our community upholds standards of compassion and justice, ensuring that entertainment never comes at the expense of animal welfare. Call upon the local prosecutor to take decisive steps towards investigating these allegations and, if found credible, to hold those responsible to account.


Dear Prosecutor Ferguson,

In light of recent events surrounding the Barton Carnival Committee’s ‘Lamb National’ race, concerns have surfaced regarding the alleged mistreatment of sheep. This event, which positions itself as a source of entertainment, has instead become a focal point for allegations of animal distress and potential harm. With the sheep reportedly selected from auctions destined for the food chain, the ethical considerations of their use in entertainment, specifically without clear consent, have been questioned.

The backlash from animal rights groups and the public has highlighted a significant divide between traditional entertainment practices and modern ethical standards. The involvement of Bob Hogg events, known for organizing such races at a considerable cost, further complicates the matter, suggesting a commercial benefit derived at the potential expense of animal welfare. The committee’s defense, citing assurances of animal well-being, has not quelled the outcry nor addressed the underlying issue of consent and ethical treatment in animal-based entertainment.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate action by investigating the allegations of mistreatment associated with the ‘Lamb National’ race. If these allegations hold merit, it is imperative that legal measures be taken to ensure accountability and to prevent future occurrences of similar alleged mistreatment. Our community must stand firm in its commitment to the ethical treatment of all beings, ensuring that entertainment and tradition do not override the principles of compassion and justice.


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