Service Dog Shot to Death in Cold Blood Deserves Justice

Target: Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia

Goal: Enact stricter laws against animal cruelty in wake of service dog’s tragic death.

The appalling case of Bear, a service dog shot by Louis Davis, has ignited a fervent plea for justice and legislative change. This incident, emerging from Staunton, VA, not only highlights the heartbreak of a family losing a vital companion but also exposes the shortcomings of our current legal framework in addressing animal cruelty. The dog’s untimely death, following a shooting incident that lacked any semblance of provocation, demands a critical examination of our laws and their deterrent effect on potential perpetrators.

Davis’s conviction of felony animal cruelty, as a result of the shooting, brings to light troubling inconsistencies in his explanations, culminating in an apparent admission of the act. This acknowledgment came amidst a backdrop of conflicting accounts, further emphasizing the calculated nature of this cruelty. Despite the conviction, the case starkly illustrates the necessity for more stringent legal consequences. The existing penalties fall short of adequately punishing such acts and deterring future incidents.

The need for legislative reform is undeniable. The current legal penalties for animal cruelty do not suffice in reflecting the severity of the offense or in safeguarding our animal companions from unwarranted violence. This case, while singular in its details, is symptomatic of a broader issue that demands immediate and decisive action to protect the welfare of animals. Ensure that the punishment for such heinous acts is commensurate with their gravity.


Dear Governor Youngkin,

The conviction of Louis Davis for the cruel shooting of a service dog named Bear in Staunton, VA, has cast a spotlight on the imperative need for stricter animal cruelty laws. This egregious act, marked by a lack of provocation and a disregard for life, underscores the inadequacies of our current legal framework in deterring and punishing acts of animal cruelty. Bear’s story is not just a tale of loss and sorrow but a clarion call for legislative reform.

The details of Bear’s case, including the disturbing admission by Davis and the subsequent legal proceedings, highlight a disturbing reality: our laws are not strong enough. The conviction, while bringing some measure of justice, also reveals the limitations of existing statutes in providing adequate deterrents to potential offenders. It is clear that to prevent future tragedies, we must advocate for and implement laws that reflect the seriousness of animal cruelty offenses.

We urge you to take immediate action to strengthen our state’s stance against animal cruelty. By enacting laws that impose harsher penalties for such crimes, we can honor the memory of Bear and countless other victims of similar acts. Let us ensure that the legal system provides a robust defense for the most vulnerable among us, deterring would-be offenders through the certainty of severe consequences.


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  1. Prison for life is too good for this POS

  2. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    search and destroy this goddamn vile cunt

  3. Just a thought!
    Why was this bastard toting around a dangerous firearm?
    Surely this IS a serious offense on its own for this prick to be prosecuted?
    Or is this the ‘norm’ in the states??

  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I used to be involved with training service dogs. Do you know how much it costs to train one? And now Bear’s owners will have to get a new service dog. The pathetic excuse for a human (i.e. the wacko Louis Davis) should be forced to pay for training a new service dog for Bear’s owners. The loss of money will probably hurt him more than a stint in jail.

  5. Dennis Busto says:

    Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal ABUSERS n Cruelty. Eye for an eye should be the punishment

  6. What the hell are the laws for if you don’t use them!!!!WTF is wrong with you?? He Shot a service dog and you don’t do a damn thing about it!! A slap on the hand that Is your punishment!!! No you should make this ass wipe pay out of his own money to train a service dog and give them back another service dog because “HE MURMURED THEIR DOG!!!!!

  7. Strip this evil monster of its human rights and make it endure the exact same end! Send this monster back to hell where it belongs!

  8. Death penalty for bastard killer,SOB,POS,burn in hell,coward!
    Justice for Bear!,+RIP

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