Dog Allegedly Battered to Death in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Vivek Phansalkar., Commissioner of Mumbai Police, India

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of individuals reportedly linked to Raja’s killing and illegal activities within school compound.

An appalling act of cruelty has shaken the community in Parel (east) in the Indian city of Mumbai. Reports indicate that Raja, a beloved adopted stray dog, fell victim to a brutal and inhumane attack within a municipal school compound, a site allegedly linked to an illicit liquor trade. This distressing incident, brought to light by Sakshi Darekar, underscores not just the loss of an innocent animal but also highlights the menacing shadow of the liquor mafia in the area.

Sakshi, an ardent animal lover, had been vocal about the illegal activities plaguing the school compound. Her efforts to clean up the community led to dire threats against her and Raja from individuals believed to be part of the liquor racket. The discovery of Raja, allegedly with his legs tied and body battered, is not just a crime against an animal; it’s a chilling message to those who dare to stand up against wrongdoing. Such acts of violence, reportedly carried out to silence dissent against illegal operations, demand immediate and forceful legal response.

This tragic event calls for more than just empathy; it demands action. The ties between criminal activities and the threat to public safety, evidenced by the apparent cruel fate of Raja, necessitate stringent legal measures. Seek not only justice for Raja but also aims to dismantle the network of illegal activities endangering both animals and citizens alike.


Dear Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar,

We are deeply disturbed by the reported horrifying act of violence against Raja, an adopted stray dog, within the Parel (east) municipal school compound. This brutal incident, where Raja was allegedly sedated, tied up, and beaten, stands as a stark symbol of the threats posed by the illegal liquor trade that appears to thrive in the area. Sakshi Darekar’s heartbreaking loss of Raja is not an isolated tragedy but a reflection of the broader peril that engulfs our community, driven by lawlessness and a blatant disregard for life.

The allegations surrounding this incident – from the production and sale of illegal liquor within a school compound to the menacing threats against those who challenge these illicit activities – paint a grim picture of the challenges facing our society. The courage shown by Sakshi in standing up to these threats, only to have her beloved Raja killed in what seems to be a retaliatory act, underscores the urgent need for decisive action. It is imperative that the investigation into Raja’s death not only brings his killers to justice but also serves as a gateway to uncovering and eradicating the criminal elements that tarnish our community.

We demand a thorough and unwavering pursuit of justice for Raja and a committed crackdown on any illegal operations within the Parel (east) area. This tragic incident should catalyze a robust response from law enforcement, ensuring that the perpetrators are held accountable and that measures are put in place to prevent such heinous acts from occurring in the future. Our community looks to you for leadership and action in these troubling times.


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Photo credit: Mitch Altman


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    INDIA is fast becoming a country inhabited by vile, evil, depraved, psychotic pieces of human trash. They have NO compassion, NO decency, NO integrity, NO empathy and certainly NO MORAL ETHICS whatsoever. These people are nothing but animal abusers, animal torturers and animal killers. Shame on INDIA, GANDHI must be thoroughly ashamed and disgusted with his ‘fellow countrymen’

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