Justice for Dogs Forced Into Illegal Fighting Rings

Target: Ivan Malenica, Minister of Justice, Croatia

Goal: Enforce strict legal consequences for individuals involved in dog-fighting rings and puppy mills.

In northern Croatia, a disturbing scenario unfolds as countless dogs endure unspeakable cruelty within some villages. Allegedly, these animals are subjected to brutal conditions, often chained, starved, and left parched. Adding to this grim reality, certain individuals reportedly engage in dog-fighting, a heinous activity where dogs are reportedly pitted against each other, with gambling stakes riding on the survival or demise of these innocent creatures. Such barbarity not only endangers animal welfare but also stains societal values, demanding immediate and decisive legal intervention.

The cruelty extends beyond fighting rings. Dogs are purportedly bred in so-called puppy mills, aimed at fostering aggression for future fights. Those not fitting the desired mold of viciousness face a bleak fate, often sold under deceitful pretenses or heartlessly discarded. The plight of one such dog, Mirkec, symbolizes the depth of this issue. After enduring severe neglect and life-threatening injuries, Mirkec’s rescue by the Cakovec animal shelter highlights both the resilience of the victims and the urgent need for comprehensive legal measures to address and prevent such atrocities.

The necessity for stringent legal repercussions against those allegedly involved in these acts of cruelty is undeniable. This petition seeks not only justice for the victims but also a deterrent against future misconduct. Demand immediate and unwavering action to bring alleged perpetrators to justice and to implement preventative measures against such barbarity.


Dear Minister Ivan Malenica,

The harrowing situation in northern Croatia, where dogs are reportedly subjected to extreme cruelty and forced into brutal fighting rings, calls for your immediate attention and action. The alleged treatment of these animals—chained, starved, and thrust into violence for entertainment and profit—is not only a grave animal welfare concern but also a stark violation of ethical norms and legal statutes. The case of Mirkec, among others, rescued from the brink of death, exemplifies the urgent need for justice and protective measures for these vulnerable beings.

We implore you to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of individuals allegedly involved in these cruel activities. It is crucial that the legal system responds with the full weight of its authority to address and deter such barbaric acts. By doing so, we can ensure that the horrors faced by dogs in these circumstances are not overlooked but are met with the stringent legal repercussions they warrant.

In conclusion, we seek your commitment to uphold justice and animal welfare by ensuring that those allegedly responsible for perpetuating dog fighting rings and operating inhumane puppy mills face stern legal consequences. It is through your leadership and decisive action that we can hope to eradicate such cruelty and foster a more humane and just society for all living beings.


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Photo credit: Sarah Farris

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  1. Who rules in the gypsy villages in Međimurje, the Croatian government or the gypsies have a state within a state where they do whatever they want, including abuse, torture, rape of dogs and cats? What does the Gypsy representative Veljko Kajtazi say? He only seeks rights for gypsies, he never mentions responsible civilized behavior.

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