Dog Allegedly Stabbed Brutally and Severely Injured Deserves Justice

Target: IPS Ajay Mishra, Police Commissioner of Ghaziabad, India

Goal: Ensure swift and stringent legal action against those responsible for a reportedly heinous act.

In India’s Ghaziabad, a shocking incident has come to light. A dog was reportedly found with grievous wounds, reportedly from a stab wound inflicted by unidentified individuals. The animal was reportedly discovered in a dire state, bleeding profusely in Wave City Society. Rushed to a veterinary hospital, the dog underwent extensive treatment, requiring numerous stitches to recover from the life-threatening injuries. A user on social media platform X brought this disturbing act to light, sharing footage of the dog’s treatment, underscoring the severity of the injury.

The shared videos depict the harrowing scene, the dog wailing in agony as medical professionals work diligently to mend its wounds. The outcry of the dog during treatment paints a distressing picture of the cruelty it endured. The individual sharing these moments remarked on the escalating instances of animal cruelty, sparking a conversation about the need for strict enforcement of laws against such barbaric acts. This incident not only highlights the reportedly cruel act itself but also raises questions about the enforcement of existing animal protection laws in the region.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, along with Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code, explicitly prohibits causing unnecessary pain or suffering to any animal. However, incidents like these suggest a gap in the implementation of these laws, making it imperative to demand immediate and decisive action against the perpetrators. Ensure that those found responsible for this vile act are brought to justice.


Dear Police Commissioner,

A recent distressing incident in Ghaziabad has come to our attention. A defenseless dog was subjected to a brutal attack, resulting in severe injuries. The visuals shared by an X user, showing the dog screaming in pain as it received treatment, have shocked and disturbed many. This incident not only reflects a gross violation of animal rights but also raises serious questions about the enforcement of animal cruelty laws in our society.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and pertinent sections of the Indian Penal Code are clear in their stance against such acts of violence. Yet, such incidents continue to occur, indicating a need for a more robust implementation of these laws. It is crucial that the perpetrators of this heinous act are identified and subjected to the full extent of legal repercussions to serve as a deterrent against future acts of cruelty.

We urge you to take immediate and stringent action against those responsible for this reprehensible act. Ensuring justice in this case will not only uphold the spirit of the laws designed to protect animals but also send a clear message about our society’s intolerance towards such acts of cruelty. We trust in your commitment to justice and look forward to your prompt action in this matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: William Prost


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    India, is fast becoming a cess-pit of utter depravity, cruelty, brutality and heinous atrocities. The ‘people’ are nothing but psychotic pieces of human filth that should be exterminated from this planet. It appears that these POS have NO compassion, NO integrity, NO empathy, NO decency and certainly NO MORAL ETHICS WHATSOEVER. No wonder I prefer all animals to most of the human race.

  2. Enuffs_Enuff says:

    Fuck these evil Indian bastards ..the depravity coming out of this 3rd world shithole is sickening.That poor baby deserves justice against the pos who committed this atrocity.Damn them to hell

  3. India again and about as much hope of the Police there doing anything about this as there is here in the UK. Nice to know someone actually took this poor dog to a vet and it has survived but I imagine people like this are few and far between in this apparently depraved, animal torturing country…..

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Poor little dog. Whoever did this is a soulless devil. I agree, there’s not much hope that the person who did this will be caught and punished!!

  5. Wonder what set this off? Probably couldnt manage to use it for sex i suppose. This place really is the place where morals go to die. Total cesspit

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