Seek Justice for Reportedly Illegally Hunted Endangered Aardvarks

Target: Ms Barbara Creecy, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, South Africa

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for the illegal hunting of endangered species in Free State.

A troubling pattern of wildlife crime has emerged in the Free State province of South Africa, with the illegal hunting of vulnerable aardvarks and other wildlife causing widespread alarm. The recent apprehension of suspects reportedly found with carcasses of an aardvark and a porcupine spotlights a sinister disregard for conservation laws and animal welfare. These actions not only contravene the Free State nature conservation ordinance and Nemba laws but also rob our ecosystem of its invaluable biodiversity.

Reinet Meyer, chief inspector of the SPCA in Bloemfontein, highlighted the gravity of this situation, noting the iconic status of the aardvark as an endangered species and a symbol of South Africa’s natural heritage. The frequency of such incidents – three in just one month – underscores an urgent need for action. These acts of alleged animal abuse and environmental degradation erode the very fabric of our natural heritage and require a resolute and immediate response.

The protection of endangered species is paramount for the preservation of biodiversity and for maintaining ecological balance. It’s imperative that we enforce existing laws with vigor and seek to implement stricter measures to deter such behavior. This petition calls upon you to take decisive action, ensuring that those found guilty of such reprehensible acts face the full force of the law. The wildlife, the heritage, and the future generations demand nothing less.


Dear Ms Barbara Creecy,

The reported incidents of illegal wildlife hunting in the Free State, specifically targeting endangered species such as the aardvark, are of grave concern. These actions, which seemingly disregard the conservation laws of our nation, not only threaten biodiversity but also tarnish our collective responsibility to preserve our natural heritage. It is disheartening to witness the apparent disrespect for life and law as evidenced by the recent arrest of individuals in possession of aardvark and porcupine carcasses, endangered species vital to our ecosystem’s health.

The pattern of these hunts, highlighted by the SPCA in Bloemfontein, reflects a disturbing disregard for the ecological and legal frameworks designed to protect our wildlife. The fact that this is not an isolated incident but part of a larger trend of wildlife crime in the region necessitates a robust and unwavering response from your office. The involvement of multiple agencies in the apprehension of the suspects demonstrates the seriousness of the situation and the need for a coordinated enforcement and legal response.

I urge you, as the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, to not only ensure that the individuals allegedly involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but also to review and strengthen the policies and enforcement mechanisms pertaining to wildlife protection. This should be seen not just as a punitive measure, but as a deterrent to future potential offenders and a statement about our country’s stance on wildlife conservation. Our wildlife, and indeed our nation’s integrity as a steward of natural heritage, deserve no less.


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Photo credit: Heather Paul


  1. Is there any animal anyplace in this world who is not in danger? humans have become moral less scumbags and with every passing day more keep emerging. women are starting to surpass men and children are on a speedy rise to fame as well. this all will not end well.

  2. What you say, Louis, is sadly true. There is no safe place for animals. Money is the problem along with weak laws and no judicial system strong enough to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. I think the hands under the table passing the money are the only system these days. Governments talk the talk but don’t walk their talk!!! Poachers, hunters, or killers are all names given the scum of the earth who use and waste animals just because they can. And we are not able to stop them? When found guilty place these people outside in a neck harness, like in Colonial times, and after a few days release them. A repeat offense doubles the length of time exposed to the elements. The crime rate will drop.

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