Justice for Great Danes Rescued From Allegedly Horrific Neglect

Target: J. Colin Reynolds, County Attorney of Miami County, Kansas, USA

Goal: Ensure stringent legal repercussions for individuals implicated in the severe neglect and abuse of Great Danes.

The grim tale of nine Great Danes and a Shepherd-Mix, rescued from a reportedly distressing ordeal in Miami County, Kansas, cries out for justice. Daisy’s Dane Sanctuary recently became a refuge for these animals, revealing a story of alleged severe neglect and abuse. Chrissy Scott of the sanctuary labeled this situation as the most appalling she has ever encountered. Allegedly, these dogs endured living conditions so dire that survival meant consuming the remains of their own kind.

Details emerging from the sanctuary depict a chilling scenario. One dog, in a desperate act, reportedly consumed its tail, while others suffered incapacitation from frostbite, barely able to walk. The mental and physical anguish these animals may have endured is unimaginable. The sanctuary’s reported response, involving costly medical care and rehabilitation efforts, underscores the urgency and gravity of this case.

This heart-wrenching situation merits not just sympathy but immediate action. The alleged perpetrators, currently unidentified and uncharged, must face the full force of the law. The petition implores you, as the County Attorney of Miami County, to take swift and decisive action. These allegations, if proven true, should result in serious legal consequences. Such heinous neglect and cruelty cannot go unpunished.


Dear County Attorney J. Colin Reynolds,

The disturbing allegations surrounding the treatment of Great Danes and a Shepherd-Mix in your jurisdiction demand your urgent attention and action. Daisy’s Dane Sanctuary has provided a glimpse into what appears to be a grossly neglectful and abusive environment. These animals, reportedly living in conditions so abhorrent that cannibalism became a means of survival, were rescued in a state that shocks the conscience.

The sanctuary’s revelations, coupled with the financial strain imposed by necessary medical treatments, paint a picture of profound suffering and mistreatment. This case not only highlights a severe local issue but also hints at a potentially larger, more systemic problem of animal cruelty within the state. The community looks to you for assurance that such alleged acts will not be overlooked and that justice will be pursued with vigor and resolve.

I urge you, with the utmost respect for your position and the legal processes you oversee, to prioritize this case. The facts, as alleged, should lead to comprehensive investigations and, if substantiated, appropriate charges against those responsible. The community, both local and at large, awaits your action, hoping for a resolution that not only addresses the immediate case but also deters future acts of such alleged cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kris Kasawski


  1. Louis P Castora says:

    Holy Shit if i was an animal living in Florida I would start running. This state has to be the worst for animal abuse. maybe DeSantis needs to create new laws here too!

  2. Florida is a joke! I live in Florida and it protects criminals at the expense of the public. We have laws supposedly to protect each other from each other. When people respect and follow the rules, it works. These days nothing is certain yet it is a fact people like these slime balls have no business being around other people. Such criminals have not one shred of kindness. They are the reason the humans get such a bad rap.
    These people need to go to jail and given no niceties as they gave none. They will not rehabilitate. They are an example of a waste of humanity. Where is our justice system? Why are the laws so ineffective? Is the human ever going to be civilized? Don’t bet on it.

  3. Lesley Rodgers says:

    WHY do people think these dogs lived in Florida. Can they not read? The details state they lived in Miami COUNTY, in KANSAS. Dogs are unlikely to get frostbite in Florida. The owners must be identified to the public, arrested and charged. They must be banned from owning or keeping animals ever again.

  4. Law enforcement becomes animal abusers and killers themselves if they do nothing by becoming complicit. All of these HITLERS must be punished in order to stop even further heinous crimes against more of their captive helpless victims, often including 2 legged victims!!God and KARMA are watching and will pay these monsters back 1000FOLD!!

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