Justice for Alleged Animal Suffering at Playboy Mansion

Target: George Gascón, District Attorney of Los Angeles County, USA

Goal: Initiate a thorough investigation into the allegations of animal neglect and abuse at the Playboy Mansion and ensure appropriate legal action against those responsible.

Crystal Hefner’s memoir “Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself” brings to light allegedly harrowing details about the life of domesticated and exotic animals at the Playboy Mansion. Her narrative paints a picture of sorrow and neglect, focusing on the alleged distress these creatures endured. Crystal’s recount of the conditions—where even lovebirds weren’t apparently spared from a cycle of death and replacement due to neglect—strikes a chord with anyone who values the wellbeing of animals.

Further into her account, Crystal describes a grim scene. Despite the mansion holding a zoo license, the animals, including monkeys, peacocks, and toucans, allegedly appeared far from content. Their somber demeanor, as observed by Crystal, reportedly hints at a deeper, more systemic issue of animal welfare neglect. Her vivid descriptions of the animals’ plaintive cries piercing the silence of her room amplify the urgency of these allegations.

The need for action is clear. Such alleged neglect and the resulting suffering of animals, if true, demand not just attention but immediate legal scrutiny. This petition calls for a comprehensive investigation into the conditions at the Playboy Mansion during Hugh Hefner’s tenure. It urges the responsible authorities to ensure that any and all forms of animal abuse or neglect are met with the full force of the law.


Dear DA George Gascón,

The distressing allegations brought forth by Crystal Hefner in her recent memoir and interviews paint a troubling picture of life for the animals at the Playboy Mansion. The recount of perpetual suffering, neglect, and the eerie silence filled with the cries of distressed animals is not just a matter of concern—it’s a call for urgent action. The alleged neglect of these animals, if substantiated, points to a gross violation of animal welfare and ethics.

Crystal’s detailed accounts of the conditions in which these animals reportedly lived suggest a pattern of disregard for their well-being. It is imperative that these allegations are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. If these claims are found to be true, it is crucial that those responsible are held accountable under the law to prevent further suffering and to uphold justice for the voiceless.

We urge you to initiate a comprehensive investigation into these allegations. The community trusts that your office will approach these claims with the gravity they deserve. We seek assurance that if wrongdoing is found, appropriate legal action will be taken against those responsible for the alleged mistreatment of animals at the Playboy Mansion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Alexander Hauk


  1. A bit late for this woman to expose these horrors now, isn’t it??? Since Hugh Hefner is, hopefully, burning in Hell, SHE should be charged with cruelty since she knew it was going on and did nothing. And yet she now hopes to make money out of her “memoirs” and has, unwittingly, exposed herself whilst she was about it! Charge this woman who stood by and did nothing while animals suffered at the hands of her vile husband. She’s as guilty as he is.

  2. is anyone really surprised by this? that was a real strange guy plus were talking about California the breeding ground of trash. what good is it now that he is fertilizer?

  3. they should do something to her all trash people

  4. Funny how she stood by and did nothing while the cash flowed isnt it? There have been rumours some animals were sexually abused too by that depraved old creep and his scummy crew. Total human cesspit

    • Yes, strange that, isn’t it Sally? Also “strange” is the fact that she was in her early 20s when she married this disgusting old creep who was well into his 80s!!! It MUST have been love of one sort or another and we all know what this love was for, don’t we??? She now makes out she was too scared to leave, brainwashed etc. and all the other excuses these ridiculous simpering women with their Botoxed faces make. Hopefully, her revelations will backfire on her and no-one will buy her book and she will be charged with cruelty for standing by and doing nothing…..we can only hope.

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