Mouse Allegedly Drowned to Death on Camera Deserves Justice

Target: Jitendra Kumar Meena IPS, DCP North West Delhi, India

Goal: Ensure strict legal consequences for those allegedly involved in the mouse torture incident at Delhi Technological University.

The disturbing revelation of a mouse allegedly tortured and killed at Delhi Technological University New Delhi, India has shaken the conscience of many. Allegedly, two students committed this vile act, trapping the creature, pouring scalding water over it, and drowning it in a dark box, all while allegedly recording their abhorrent actions. Such a spectacle of cruelty, amplified by the circulation of these videos on social media, calls for immediate action.

Details of the incident are harrowing. According to reports, the mouse was confined in a box, subjected to hot water torture, and drowned, accompanied by the eerie soundtrack of Mozart’s Lacrimosa. It appears this twisted display of cruelty did not end there. Reportedly, the students held a mock funeral, showcasing the lifeless rodent and delivering speeches, demonstrating a chilling lack of empathy. PETA’s intervention led to the filing of an FIR, demanding justice for this defenseless creature.

This alleged heinous act, beyond its immediate brutality, hints at a deeper, more sinister problem. Research suggests that individuals who engage in animal cruelty often progress to harming humans. Therefore, addressing this issue is not only about seeking justice for the tortured mouse but also about ensuring the safety of the community. The demand is clear: strict legal action must be taken against the individuals involved, deterring such acts in the future and upholding the dignity of all living beings. Take immediate action.


Dear DCP Jitendra Kumar Meena,

The recent incident at Delhi Technological University, allegedly involving the torture and killing of a mouse by two students, has caused widespread outrage and concern. The reported details of this act, involving trapping the mouse, pouring hot water on it, and drowning it, all while recording these actions, are not just distressing but indicative of a severe lack of moral compass and respect for life.

This case is not merely about animal cruelty; it’s a grim reflection of the potential for further violence. The link between the alleged animal abuse and subsequent acts of violence against humans is well-documented. Addressing this issue swiftly and firmly is not only a matter of justice for the tortured mouse but also a crucial step in safeguarding the community from individuals who exhibit such disturbing behavior.

I urge you, as a community leader and enforcer of the law, to ensure that this case is treated with the seriousness it deserves. The individuals involved must face the full force of legal consequences, not only as a punitive measure but also as a deterrent to potential future acts of cruelty. This case should also serve as an opportunity to educate and sensitize the public about the significance of empathy and compassion towards all living beings.


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Photo credit: Wall Boat


  1. these 2 deserve the same treatment. let them feel the pain and fear. these 2 losers are another example of the destruction that social media is causing. while it can be a great tool it needs to be policed. if the section 230 bill was revoked you would see this change. right now all these tech company douche bags are held responsible for nothing. take away 230 and remove that protection. when they start getting sued from all angles you will see them step up.

  2. I agree with Lou!

  3. Sick perpetrators deserve the same treatment

  4. Psychopaths in the making, please do something before it is too late! Don’t l give these monsters the chance to manifest their sick behaviour further and turn into full blown sadists!!!

  5. Boil these bastards alive…..

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