Surge in Animal Cruelty Incidents Demands Immediate Legal Action

Target: Lucien Wong, Attorney-General of Singapore

Goal: Implement stringent legal actions against those responsible for the reported surge in animal cruelty cases in Singapore.

Over the past year, Singapore has seen an unprecedented surge in animal cruelty and neglect cases, as reported by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The organization noted a staggering 79% increase in such incidents, the highest recorded in over a decade. Among these, the most heart-wrenching cases included small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters being abandoned in inhumane conditions, often without food or water. This distressing situation demands immediate attention and action.

Further investigations by the SPCA brought to light chilling instances of abuse and neglect. Shockingly, young individuals were allegedly involved in some of these acts, indicating a deep-rooted issue in societal attitudes towards animal welfare. Furthermore, pet businesses have not been exempt from these despicable acts, with reported cases of animals being mistreated for entertainment and commercial purposes. Such disregard for life and well-being cannot continue unaddressed.

The current legal framework and enforcement mechanisms appear inadequate in the face of this alarming rise in animal cruelty cases. A stronger stance must be taken to ensure that such acts are not only condemned but are met with stringent legal consequences. Urge for immediate and decisive legal action against those responsible for these acts of cruelty. Our society must not, and cannot, tolerate such blatant disregard for animal welfare.


Dear Attorney-General Lucien Wong,

The recent report by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals paints a grim picture of the state of animal welfare in Singapore. The record-breaking 79% increase in reported cases of animal cruelty and neglect last year is not just a statistic; it represents a distressing reality for numerous innocent animals who suffered at the hands of individuals and businesses. The disturbing details of these cases, including the abandonment of small animals in dire conditions and the alleged mistreatment of animals by pet businesses, call for immediate and firm legal intervention.

This surge in cruelty cases highlights a significant gap in our society’s attitude towards animal welfare and the effectiveness of our current legal framework in deterring such acts. It is paramount that we address this issue head-on by implementing stricter laws and ensuring rigorous enforcement to hold those responsible accountable. The responsibility lies with us to foster a community where the welfare of all living beings is respected and protected.

I implore you to take immediate action by reviewing and strengthening the legal measures against animal cruelty. By doing so, we can ensure that such heinous acts are met with the full force of the law, serving as a deterrent to potential offenders and safeguarding the well-being of animals in our society. Let us take a stand against cruelty and work towards a compassionate and humane future.


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  1. Treat the criminals the same way they treated their victims.

  2. SPCA please step up and enforce harsher animal protetction laws in Singapore! We need our animals to be safe and protected!

  3. There is one reason there is a surge in animal cruelty and that is because the “punishment” is non existent and animal abusers simply get away with it and do it again. Those in charge of the laughable Justice System are so dimwitted they don’t realise this and so it goes on.

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