Dog That Allegedly Suffered Multiple Neck Injuries Deserves Justice

Target: Katherine Fernandez Rundle, District Attorney of Miami-Dade County, Florida, US

Goal: Ensure stringent prosecution of the individual accused of grievous harm to Sparky, ensuring justice prevails.

In a deeply unsettling incident, a Miami woman allegedly inflicted multiple wounds on her dog’s neck, citing a bizarre dream necessitating a sacrifice. This case, though shocking, represents a serious allegation of animal cruelty. The community gazes upon the legal system, anticipating a firm response to such disturbing actions. The accused, Elena Barakova Cowan, allegedly confessed to this grim act, citing lack of sleep and a peculiar dream as the backdrop for this cruelty. Such details, while perplexing, underscore the need for a comprehensive legal scrutiny and an unwavering commitment to justice for the voiceless victim, Sparky.

According to the arrest report, the injured canine endured superficial to severe lacerations, a testament to the grievous nature of the incident. The dog, fortunately, survived this ordeal and was placed under the care of Miami-Dade Animal Services, awaiting a chance at a safer, more loving environment. This case, while individual in its details, casts a grim light on the broader issue of animal welfare and the urgency with which such allegations must be addressed. It stands as a stark reminder of our societal duty to protect those who cannot voice their suffering.

This petition calls for the District Attorney of Miami-Dade County to pursue this case with the utmost gravity. The legal proceedings must reflect the severity of the allegations, ensuring that the legal system provides a resounding echo of society’s stance against cruelty in any form. Seek not only justice for Sparky but also a clear, unequivocal statement that such acts will meet with stringent legal repercussions.


Dear DA Katherine Fernandez Rundle,

In light of the deeply disturbing allegations surrounding the case of Elena Barakova Cowan, this letter urges your office to pursue the most stringent legal actions available. The community looks to you in this moment, trusting in your capacity to navigate the complexities of this case and to ensure that the scales of justice respond accordingly. The allegations paint a picture of not just an individual’s lapse into cruelty, but also a societal call to reinforce our collective commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Sparky’s ordeal, as reported, involved multiple, deliberate wounds, a situation that demands not just our empathy but our resolute action. The legal pursuit of this case stands as a testament to our societal values, and our unwillingness to overlook or trivialize the suffering endured by any living being. It is an opportunity to affirm that our legal system is an unyielding advocate for the voiceless and a guardian of our community’s moral compass.

Hence, I urge you, with the utmost respect for your position and responsibilities, to ensure that this case is met with the full rigor of the law. In doing so, you will not only be advocating for Sparky but also upholding the community’s trust in our legal system as a bastion of justice and moral rectitude. Let this case be a clarion call that underscores our collective intolerance for cruelty and our unwavering commitment to justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christopher Woo


  1. the dog survived and was sent to the miami dade shelter? say goodbye to that dog, that place is an abomination.

  2. Lesley Rodgers says:

    That poor dog needs to be transferred to a safer shelter, it seems Miami Dade is somewhat of a hellhole.
    Also, that cruel bitch of an owner is probably making up a bizarre excuse for a deliberate act of cruelty. Look for recording devices, more likely she was trying to make money from those cruel websites that allow animals to be tortured and killed online. Either way, she is unsuitable to ever own an animal again.

  3. Replace the dog with the criminal! Why do animals always have to suffer in silence? This woman needs to be placed in an institution for mental distress. She will never be well again. Sadly. However, society of animals, children, women and seniors should not have to suffer at her hands. Lock her up! For her own sake and for the sake of all the living beings which she would and could severely harm. Have her evaluated. She must be placed out society and into prison or an institution. She needs help. But now I am worried about the dog. Miami stinks. I know, I live there.

  4. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    tormentors, why do not you just go away?
    free the world from your disgusting presence. you rotting garbage…
    hanging up…..,

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