Beloved Local Cat Allegedly Abandoned Deserves Justice

Target: Karen A. Heggen, District Attorney of Saratoga County, New York State, US

Goal: Ensure stringent legal repercussions for the alleged abandonment of a community-favored cat.

The quaint streets of Saratoga Springs recently became the backdrop for a distressing incident involving Kane, a beloved local cat, and the owner of Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria. Allegedly, the deli’s proprietor, Anthony Gargano, unceremoniously left Kane outside Saratoga County Animal Shelter after closing hours. This alleged act, bereft of compassion, starkly contrasts with the affection Kane regularly received from the neighborhood, earning him the affectionate moniker, ‘Mayor of Spring Street and Court Street.’

Reportedly, this unsettling sequence began when Gargano expressed a desire to exclude Kane from the deli, a spot where the feline had found warmth and casual camaraderie among patrons. Kane’s guardian, Jamie DiGiovanni, acquiesced, instructing the deli staff to refrain from feeding the cat and to usher him outside if he wandered in gently.

Despite these measures, Kane reportedly vanished, sparking days of anguished searching by DiGiovanni. The distress escalated upon learning that her cherished cat was left unattended outside a closed shelter, an act subsequently linked to Gargano through a reported confession on body camera footage. This incident, reportedly characterized by a stark disregard for an animal’s well-being, has resonated deeply within the community, igniting calls for justice and accountability.

For a neighborhood that celebrated Kane’s presence, the alleged actions of Gargano represent more than a personal grievance; they symbolize a violation of the trust and camaraderie that defines Saratoga Springs. The legal system must send an unambiguous message: acts of cruelty, particularly those involving defenseless animals, are intolerable and will be met with the full force of the law. Demand a comprehensive investigation and, if warranted, stringent legal consequences for the alleged abandonment of Kane.


Dear Attorney Karen A. Heggen,

In the serene setting of Saratoga Springs, a troubling incident has recently unfolded, tainting the community spirit that residents hold dear. Kane, a cat cherished by many for his friendly demeanor and endearing presence, was allegedly abandoned outside a closed animal shelter. This act, reportedly perpetrated by Anthony Gargano, owner of Spring Street Deli & Pizzeria, has not only left a beloved pet exposed and vulnerable but has also deeply distressed the local community and Kane’s devoted guardian, Jamie DiGiovanni.

The details surrounding this incident are as heartbreaking as they are alarming. Kane, known affectionately as the ‘Mayor of Spring Street and Court Street,’ found himself in a perilous situation, allegedly due to the actions of one individual. The reported admission of Gargano on body camera footage, coupled with the distressing circumstances under which Kane was reportedly discovered, underlines the gravity of this situation and the urgent need for a thorough legal response.

We, the undersigned, call upon your office to take decisive action in this matter. The alleged abandonment of Kane not only contravenes the values of our community but also potentially violates the provisions of the state’s Agriculture and Markets Law concerning animal cruelty. This case must be pursued with the utmost seriousness, ensuring that any form of alleged cruelty is addressed with the full weight of the law. We trust in your commitment to justice and in your ability to ensure that the legal proceedings reflect the severity of this alleged act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Cats Coming


  1. Lesley Rodgers says:

    Everyone in Saratoga Springs should boycott that deli and force that cruel deli owner out of business.
    I hope the cat is ok now.

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