Justice for Neuralink’s Alleged Animal Testing Victims and Ensure Ethical Human Trials

Target: Robert Califf, Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Enforce rigorous ethical standards and accountability in Neuralink’s animal and human testing protocols.

In what many see as a technological breakthrough, Neuralink, co-founded by Elon Musk, has made headlines with the first successful implantation of a wireless brain chip in a human. Yet behind this advancement lies a shadow of ethical concern, with reports alleging that about 1,500 animals, including primates and pigs, were sacrificed in the process since 2018. The public revelation of these figures has ignited a plea for justice and a reassessment of ethical practices in such pioneering medical ventures.

Allegations have surfaced that Neuralink’s initial trials at the UC Davis primate center, and subsequent internal testing, led to the demise of these animals, casting a dark cloud over the company’s research methods. While Neuralink’s endeavors aim to bridge the gap between brain and computer, potentially offering hope for neurological conditions like ALS and Parkinson’s, the reported toll on animal life and concerns over the safety of its methodologies have raised significant ethical and moral questions. These concerns were seemingly validated when the FDA initially denied Neuralink’s application for human trials in 2022, reportedly due to worries about the implant’s threads migrating within the brain.

This situation calls not only for a reflection on the sanctity of life, both animal and human, but also for a demand for heightened oversight and ethical rigor in such groundbreaking trials. It’s imperative that Neuralink’s operations adhere to the strictest ethical standards, ensuring that their path to innovation respects the well-being of all sentient beings involved and that thorough scrutiny is applied to safeguard against future transgressions. Urge a firm commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all future endeavors.


Dear Commissioner Robert Califf,

The pioneering steps taken by Neuralink in the realm of neurotechnology undeniably represent a significant stride towards the future of medical science. However, the loss of approximately 1,500 animals during the company’s initial trials, as reported, casts a grave shadow over these advancements. This distressing figure not only raises concerns about the ethical standards adhered to during the research and development phases but also calls into question the safeguarding of welfare within such cutting-edge medical explorations.

It is crucial that the FDA, as the gatekeeper of medical innovation and ethics, takes a firm stance in ensuring that all endeavors under its purview, especially those as potentially impactful as Neuralink’s, are conducted with the utmost respect for life and ethical integrity. The initial denial and subsequent approval of Neuralink’s human trials by the FDA indicate a recognition of these concerns, yet the public seeks assurance that rigorous oversight and ethical scrutiny are continuously applied.

I implore you to enforce stringent ethical standards and thorough oversight on both animal and human trials conducted by Neuralink and similar entities. It is paramount that these groundbreaking technologies not only pave the way for medical breakthroughs but also exemplify the highest moral and ethical conduct, ensuring that the pursuit of advancement does not come at an unjustifiable cost to sentient life. The world is watching, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this watchful gaze is met with actions that uphold the principles of humanity, ethics, and justice.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: TED Conference


  1. Absolutely NO excuse for animal testing. Not only does it betray the animals who have as much right to live as we do, but it betrays humans waiting for cures for diseases which won’t happen unless we test on HUMANS and there are plenty around. There are thousands of animal and child abusers being kept in comfort by the tax payer and THEY should be used. The thought of being experimented on also might make a would be animal/child abuser just think again and so save a few more animals/children in to the bargain.No wonder we are years off finding a cure for cancer while sadistic scientists get their kicks from creating and CURING cancer in rats, which I am led to believe has been going on for years. They don’t seem to notice that this has not helped humans…..

  2. Animal testing is too cruel. Only heartless, cruel, greedy people who are sick in the head will subject innocent animals to such slow and agonising tortures and death! Uphold the principles of humanity, ethics, and justice please!

  3. A standing ovation to you, Cecily Colloby.
    No one could have said this better! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless in society!!!!

  4. Millions & millions of Animals in the US & in every other country are abused, terrorized, neglected, wasted & tortured to death every year in hell labs for anything & everything & still NO CURES for anything whatsoever. Just goes to show,,, all these psychopaths in these hell labs are doing nothing but torturing Animals for fun,,, what other reason?? & using taxpayers money for their evil thrills. It’s a dream job for all these putrid disgusting sub-human Satanists.
    They’ll all burn in hell, fucking monsters..

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