Family Pet Reportedly Found With Stab Wound and Plastic Bag Over Head Deserves Justice

Target: Susan L. Opper, District Attorney of Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Goal: Ensure thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for cruelty to a family pet.

Disturbing news from Sussex disturbs the peace and safety people cherish in the community. A distressing call on January 26th reported a family dog found lifeless at home, with signs suggesting a heinous act. The dog’s alleged condition, with a possible stab wound and a plastic bag over its head, seems to paint a grim picture of cruelty and malicious intent.

Further unsettling this somber tale is the arrest of an 18-year-old woman, the family’s babysitter, in connection to the incident. While her guilt remains to be proven in a court of law, the circumstances surrounding this event raise numerous questions and fears. The community’s trust and sense of security are shaken, awaiting answers and justice in this heart-wrenching situation.

It calls for a rigorous investigation into this appalling incident and for the legal system to hold accountable those responsible. This is not just about seeking justice for an innocent animal; it’s about preserving our community’s values, trust, and safety. Take action now.


Dear Attorney Susan L. Opper,

The unsettling incident on Elm Ave in the Village of Sussex, where a family dog was reportedly found in a disturbing state, has not only grieved a family but also shaken the trust of our community. The alleged circumstances of the event – a possible stab wound and a plastic bag over the innocent animal’s head – are harrowing and demand a comprehensive investigation.

The arrest of the 18-year-old babysitter in connection to this incident adds complexity to an already disturbing case. While the legal process must unfold with fairness and due diligence, the community’s need for answers and justice cannot be overstated. We urge you to ensure that the investigation is thorough, transparent, and swift.

This petition, a collective outcry from the community, implores you to prioritize this case. We seek not only justice for the life brutally taken but also a reaffirmation of the values we hold dear as a community – compassion, safety, and justice. Let this tragic incident not be in vain but be a catalyst for stringent legal action and a reminder of our duty to protect the most vulnerable among us.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Don O’Brien


  1. Alas this is a UK case so there will be no justice. Depraved baby sitter will just get a lip service ‘naughty naughty’ telling off as she hides behind being drunk or some other rubbish(amazing how many drunk people manage not to torture animals though isnt it?) UK animal abuse laws are a total joke. POS wont even get a proper fine;it will just slither back into society until it kills someones kid

  2. This is NOT this killer’s first victim….they will continue to up their game of torture and murder to be able to experience their next high from tormenting increasing numbers of helpless, captive victims. Law enforcement who do NOTHING become COMPLICIT PERPETRATORS by (again??) doing NOTHING to stop these HITLERS. Victims are forced to endure ever more annihilations bc law enforcement steals their tax dollar paid salaries by being too lazy? to do their jobs! Shame!

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