Justice for Dog Allegedly Muzzled With Zip Tie

Target: Ray Tierney, District Attorney of Suffolk County, New York State, US

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for the alleged aggravated animal cruelty in Riverside.

The distressing report from Southampton Town police unveils a grim scene at a Riverside residence, where two dogs were purportedly found in abhorrent conditions, igniting an outcry for justice. On a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, the discovery was anything but: one dog allegedly restrained with a zip tie as a crude muzzle, both exhibiting signs of injury and neglect. This harrowing image not only paints a picture of suffering but also screams for legal scrutiny and intervention.

Roosevelt Sykes, 54, now faces charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, a serious felony, alongside accusations of failing to provide adequate shelter for these vulnerable beings. The detailed allegations, including the use of a zip tie to cruelly muzzle one dog, spotlight a disturbing disregard for animal welfare and basic decency. These acts, as reported, not only breach legal statutes but also moral boundaries, demanding a response as firm as the law allows.

This case transcends mere legal action; it is a call to the conscience of the community and a test of our collective resolve against cruelty. The demand is clear and unequivocal: a rigorous, unwavering prosecution to not only address the alleged acts of one individual but to send an unmistakable message that such alleged cruelty finds no shelter in our society. Justice for these dogs is not just about retribution; it is about affirming our stand as a community that values compassion and staunchly opposes brutality in any guise.


Dear Attorney Ray Tierney,

The case before you, involving the alleged severe mistreatment of two dogs in Riverside, is not just a file number or a docket entry; it represents a profound breach of trust between humans and the animals under their care. The details, as reported by the Southampton Town police, are disturbing: one dog purportedly found with a zip tie cruelly fashioned as a makeshift muzzle, both showing signs of abuse and neglect. These allegations against Roosevelt Sykes, if proven, depict not just a felony but a fundamental failure of empathy and responsibility.

This incident, beyond its legal dimensions, touches upon the core values of our community — compassion, justice, and the protection of those who cannot speak for themselves. The charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and the failure to provide adequate shelter, as alleged, call for a response that matches the gravity of the acts. It is imperative that this case be pursued with the utmost seriousness, ensuring that the legal proceedings reflect the community’s condemnation of such alleged brutality.

In light of the disturbing allegations and the community’s trust in your office, I urge a steadfast commitment to a thorough, rigorous prosecution. Let this case serve not only as a measure of justice for the victims but also as a clear declaration that our society will not countenance such alleged cruelty. We look to your leadership to ensure that these alleged acts of inhumanity are met with the full force of justice, affirming our collective resolve to protect the most vulnerable among us.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ivan Babydov


  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Throw this piece of garbage in jail for a very long time!! What a disgusting pos monster he is. Poor dogs had to suffer at his hands. I hope the dogs were removed from him.

  2. Please punish this POS for this vile act of cruelty against the most vulnerable. Don’t let him get away, so he doesn’t do it again!

  3. Elissa Toussaint says:

    Hope he doesn’t have children or a wife. Better check on them.

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