Justice for Animals Allegedly Found Living in Human Waste

Target: Sam Bregman, District Attorney of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, US

Goal: Secure legal consequences for the individuals allegedly responsible for the elder neglect and animal cruelty in Cedar Crest.

In the small town of Cedar Crest, a shocking discovery was made, revealing a grave situation of alleged elder neglect and animal cruelty. Reports suggest that on January 3, 2024, social workers found an elderly person and several animals in perilous conditions. An investigation by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office ensued, leading to a condemned property due to dangerous living conditions.

The severity of this case was amplified by findings of apparent excessive hoarding. Authorities reportedly found the residence filled with human and animal waste. In some areas, urine was allegedly seeping from the upper to lower levels. This appalling environment reportedly not only endangered the elderly resident but also led to the death of numerous animals, highlighting an urgent need for justice.

This situation demands our immediate attention. The alleged perpetrators of this neglect and cruelty must face legal repercussions. The well-being of our community’s most vulnerable, both human and animal, depends on strict enforcement of laws against such heinous acts.


Dear District Attorney Sam Bregman,

In Cedar Crest, a heart-wrenching case of alleged elder neglect and animal cruelty has come to light, demanding your urgent attention. The suffering apparently endured by an elderly resident and numerous animals under dire living conditions is unconscionable. This situation, as reported, illustrates a clear violation of basic human and animal rights.

The property, now condemned, was reportedly in a state of extreme hoarding. It’s distressing to learn that reports indicate the living space was contaminated with human and animal waste, posing serious health risks. The fact that many animals allegedly perished in these conditions further underscores the severity of the neglect. Such apparent disregard for life and well-being cannot go unpunished.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action. The individuals allegedly responsible for this neglect and cruelty must be held accountable. By ensuring justice in this case, you will send a strong message about the value we place on the lives and dignity of all beings in our community.


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Photo credit: Fido Factor

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  1. Justice for the animals and the elderly

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