Justice for Dog Allegedly Found Deceased With Multiple Wounds

Target: Anne E. Lopez, Attorney General of Hawaii, US

Goal: Implement stricter legal actions against those allegedly involved in animal cruelty on Oahu.

Recent incidents in Oahu have stirred a wave of concern among animal advocates. Allegedly, a dog named Noah was discovered under a bridge, injured and tied up, an apparent victim of first-degree animal cruelty. This harrowing incident represents just one of multiple cases that have emerged recently, signaling a disturbing trend of violence against animals.

Further distressing reports include a Kaneohe dog named Chevy, found deceased with multiple wounds in his own kennel. Even more alarming are accounts of individuals shooting animals with BB guns; in one case, a pregnant cat was reportedly shot multiple times, leading to its euthanasia. These incidents paint a grim picture of the cruelty animals are facing and highlight a critical need for legal intervention.

The current justice system seemingly fails these defenseless animals. It’s time to draw a line and demand change. This petition seeks immediate and stringent legal actions against those suspected of such heinous acts. The goal is not just to penalize but to deter future cruelty, ensuring a safer environment for all animals.


Dear Attorney General Anne E. Lopez,

I am writing to you with a heavy heart, reflecting on the disturbing incidents of alleged animal cruelty on Oahu. The alleged abuses, including the case of Noah, a dog found tied and injured under a bridge, call for urgent and decisive legal action. These are not isolated incidents but part of an alarming trend that requires immediate attention.

The tragic fate of Chevy, the Kaneohe dog, and the senseless violence against a pregnant cat are just further examples of the cruelty that animals in our community are allegedly enduring. These reported acts of brutality not only cause unimaginable suffering to the animals but also reflect poorly on our society’s values and its treatment of the voiceless. It is imperative that those allegedly responsible are held accountable under the law.

Therefore, I urge you to take swift and firm action. Implement stricter legal measures against those suspected of perpetrating such cruelty. Our community looks to you for leadership in safeguarding the well-being of all creatures and ensuring that justice is served for victims like Noah, Chevy, and many others. We must send a clear message: animal cruelty is unacceptable and will be met with the full force of the law.


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Photo credit: Marco Verch


  1. Tami DeSmith says:

    This is also the case on Maui. Am individual in our neighborhood shot a cat with a pellet gun, it did not die so he torched it to death, in front of his young son who said “eww, look at it’s head burn” this was after he killed a dosmetic pig in the bed of his pick up , again with a pellet gun. It took 10 minutes for the poor animal to die. These people have no regard for life and should be punished. We need to be the voice of the voiceless and innocent.

  2. Laura Rolder says:

    Findcwho is doing this to thesexpoor helpless innocent animals. They need to be in prison so no other animals are abused .

  3. Our justice system is to BLAME for this disgusting behavior, you MUST impose severe punishment for such EVIL, these monsters DO NOT belong in society, WTF are u waiting for already

  4. Find the perpetrator(s)- torture and kill them – end of future threats

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