Justice for Stray Puppies Who Had Skulls Crushed and Tongues Chopped Off

Target: Sanjay Arora, Commissioner of Delhi Police

Goal: Ensure strict legal action against those responsible for the heinous mistreatment of six puppies in Delhi.

In Delhi’s Mayur Vihar-1 Extension, a deeply unsettling event unfolded, where six defenseless puppies faced unimaginable cruelty. The severity of this act cannot be overstated; their skulls were crushed, necks broken, tongues chopped, and one was even beheaded. This isn’t a singular case but a distressing pattern of brutality against strays in India. Authorities must address such acts with the seriousness they deserve.

Videos from the scene graphically display these gruesome actions, highlighting a disturbing escalation in violence against animals. This incident, under the scope of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and IPC 428, warrants a thorough investigation and stringent legal repercussions for the perpetrators. The community suspects drug abusers in the area might be behind this act. However, whoever the culprits are, they need to face significant legal consequences for their actions.

The current legal framework, stipulating minimal fines and short imprisonment terms, is insufficient to deter such cruelty. This incident must act as a catalyst for more rigorous enforcement and stronger penalties. Demand immediate and thorough action by the Delhi Police in identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting those behind this barbaric act. The safety and well-being of all beings, human or animal, depend on the enforcement of laws that protect the most vulnerable among us.


Dear Commissioner Sanjay Arora,

The recent incident in Mayur Vihar-1 Extension, where six puppies were subjected to horrific cruelty, demands your urgent attention. Videos from the site of this crime show the puppies suffering extreme violence, including skull-crushing and beheading. It’s a stark reminder of the increasing brutality towards stray animals in Delhi and across India.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and IPC 428 are clear in defining and penalizing such acts. However, the implementation of these laws has often fallen short. This case presents an opportunity for the Delhi Police to set a precedent. The community suspects local drug abusers, but irrespective of who is responsible, they must face the full extent of the law. This not only serves justice but also acts as a deterrent to future cruelty.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action in this case. Conduct a thorough investigation, bring the perpetrators to justice, and ensure they face significant legal repercussions. This will send a clear message: animal cruelty is a serious offence and will not be tolerated. Our society’s moral fabric depends heavily on how we treat our most defenseless members, including animals. Your action in this matter is crucial.


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Photo credit: Surat Lozowick


  1. Laura Rolder says:

    Omg!! Find the monsters snd lock them away for life. Those poor innocent helpless puppies and other animals don’t deserve this. Justice for them is a must.

  2. The amount of animal and human abuse in this country is absolutely horrific.

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    Killers on the loose! They need to be executed. Monsters!

  4. Find the perpetrator(s)- torture them by cutting their tongues out before killing them – end of future threats from the sick monsters.

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