Justice for Over 140 Cats Rescued from Alleged Cruelty

Target: Jeffrey L. Kemp, District Attorney of Polk County, Florida, US

Goal: Bring legal action against individuals responsible for the alleged animal cruelty in Polk County.

In Polk County, a shocking situation unfolded, reportedly involving over 140 cats subjected to alleged severe neglect and cruelty. The conditions were allegedly abhorrent, with cats roaming a double-wide home amidst filth, alongside over 100 birds and three dogs. This scenario paints a distressing picture of animal hoarding, calling for immediate legal scrutiny and action.

Further details of this alleged atrocity reveal more about the dire situation these animals faced. Half of the cats transferred to SPCA Florida have been adopted, yet many still suffer from upper respiratory illnesses, a testament to their previously harsh living conditions. These details not only evoke strong emotional responses but also highlight the urgent need for justice and prevention of future animal cruelty cases.

It is imperative to ensure such alleged neglect never occurs again. The severity and scale of this case necessitate stringent legal action against the individuals allegedly involved. The demand is clear: those responsible for this alleged animal cruelty must face legal consequences to set a precedent for animal welfare and justice.


Dear DA Jeffrey L. Kemp,

I am writing to urge your office to take immediate and decisive legal action in the alarming case of over 140 cats reportedly rescued from a situation of severe neglect and cruelty in Polk County. The details emerging from this case are not only deeply disturbing but also suggest a gross violation of animal welfare laws.

These animals, now under the care of SPCA Florida, allegedly endured abysmal living conditions, suggesting a severe case of animal hoarding. The cats, along with over 100 birds and three dogs, were reportedly found in a double-wide home, surrounded by filth. Many of these cats are now being treated for illnesses, indicative of the neglect they allegedly suffered. This situation not only highlights a significant animal welfare issue but also underscores the necessity for legal intervention to prevent such occurrences in the future.

I implore your office to prioritize this case, ensuring that those allegedly responsible are brought to justice. Legal action in this matter would not only serve as a deterrent against future animal cruelty but would also demonstrate Polk County’s commitment to upholding animal welfare laws. It is our collective responsibility to protect the vulnerable and voiceless, and this case presents a critical opportunity to uphold those values.


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Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Any and all cases of cruelty, animal abuse should be prosecuted! All States need to take crimes against animals seriously!

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