Justice for Alleged Cruelty Against Two Dogs by Strangers

Target: Shyanne Schull, Director – Washoe County Regional Animal Services, Nevada, US

Goal: Punish those allegedly responsible for the cruelty against two dogs in Washoe County.

On January 15, a distressing incident in Washoe County allegedly involved two dogs subjected to cruelty. Near Gentry Way and South Virginia Street, around 1:10 p.m., this occurrence reportedly unfolded. Witnesses described two adult, white males, one in a black sweatshirt and beanie, the other in a white and black jacket. They were last spotted heading towards Park on Virginia Apartments.

Details on the dogs are as follows: a large, tri-colored dog resembling a German Shepherd or Husky, and a darker-colored bully breed donning a winter coat. Sadly, specifics of the alleged abuse remain undisclosed, with Animal Services officials keeping mum. This lack of information only adds to the community’s distress and concern for these animals’ well-being.

This petition demands a prompt and thorough investigation into this matter. The community deserves clarity and assurance that such acts will not go unpunished. Call for rigorous action against those allegedly responsible for this heinous act, ensuring justice for these innocent animals.


Dear Director Shyanne Schull,

On January 15, an alarming incident involving alleged animal cruelty occurred in your jurisdiction. Two dogs reportedly endured harsh treatment, with details scarce but concerning. The community is shaken, seeking answers and justice.

These dogs, one resembling a German Shepherd or Husky, the other a darker-colored bully breed, were last seen with two individuals near Park on Virginia Apartments. The lack of transparency regarding the specifics of the alleged abuse has heightened public concern. This case must receive the attention and seriousness it deserves.

We urge you to intensify the investigation and ensure those allegedly responsible face legal consequences. This situation demands your immediate attention and action. The community’s trust in your department rests on your response to such critical matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rachel


  1. Never ever be lenient with animal abusers because they are sick individuals with twisted sadistic minds and thoughts.

  2. Extreme evil sickos start with animals and move on to innocent humans. They must be caught and severely punmished with a long jail term, huge fine, banned from having or being around any animal and get psychiatric help as they are very sick and evil. WE the public are watching and demand justice for animals.

  3. Find the perpetrator(s)- torture and kill them – end of future threats from them against any living being

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