Justice for Squirrels Reportedly Tortured to Death


Target: Terence Swarts, Chief Public Prosecutor of the National Prosecuting Authority, Cape Town

Goal: Ensure strict legal consequences for those reportedly poaching and torturing squirrels in Cape Town.

In recent incidents in Cape Town, Eastern Grey Squirrels have apparently fallen victim to cruel and inhumane treatment, with a particular case highlighting the severity of this issue. Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWSSA) reports instances where these squirrels are being poached, often by desperate individuals on the streets. A specific case involves a vagrant reportedly swinging a squirrel by its tail and punching it, leading to the animal’s tragic death due to multiple bone breaks and fractures. This act, reportedly witnessed by an AWS volunteer, exemplifies the disturbing treatment these animals endure.

Further details from AWS spokesperson Allan Perrins and Lize Testa from Squirrel Rescue and Rehab paint a gruesome picture. The injured squirrel, an Eastern Grey Squirrel, suffered extensively. It was apparently swung around, punched, and eventually succumbed to its injuries, including broken ribs and a punctured lung. This case is not isolated. Many squirrels in the Plumstead area are reportedly falling prey to such barbaric acts, often out of desperation for food. However, the manner in which these animals are being treated – tortured, rather than humanely killed – is deeply troubling and points to a larger issue of animal cruelty.

The need for legal intervention is clear. These acts of apparent cruelty against squirrels, despite their classification as vermin, demand a response from legal authorities. The brutality inflicted upon these animals is not only inhumane but also raises significant ethical concerns. We demand immediate legal action against those found responsible for such barbaric acts. Strict legal consequences must be enforced to deter such behavior and ensure the humane treatment of all animals, regardless of their species.


Dear Terence Swarts,

In Cape Town, a deeply disturbing trend of animal cruelty has emerged, specifically targeting Eastern Grey Squirrels. Recent reports from the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa and Squirrel Rescue and Rehab reveal that these squirrels are being brutally poached and tortured, reportedly by individuals struggling with homelessness. A particularly harrowing incident involved a vagrant apparently swinging a squirrel by its tail, causing it fatal injuries. Such reported acts of cruelty are not only inhumane but also reflect a disregard for life that should concern us all.

The case in question, alongside similar reports, illustrates a pattern of behavior that goes beyond mere survival needs. The manner in which these squirrels are being treated – with reported excessive cruelty and torture – calls for immediate legal attention. It’s imperative to address this issue not only for the welfare of the animals but also to uphold a standard of compassion and humanity in our society. These actions, while perhaps stemming from desperate circumstances, cannot be excused or ignored.

We urge you, as the Chief Prosecutor of Cape Town, to take swift and decisive action in these matters. Legal consequences for such apparent acts of cruelty must be enforced to prevent further suffering of these animals. It is crucial to send a clear message that such behavior is unacceptable and punishable by law. We ask for your commitment to ensuring that justice is served for these defenseless creatures and that measures are taken to prevent future occurrences of such barbaric acts.

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