Justice for Chained Dogs Found With Painfully Visible Ribs, Spines, and Hips

Target: Rachel Mitchell, District Attorney of Maricopa County

Goal: Prosecute those responsible for the severe neglect and abuse of eight dogs in Phoenix.

In a disturbing revelation, authorities in Phoenix uncovered a heartbreaking scene of animal neglect. While pursuing unrelated criminal activity, police discovered eight dogs apparently in severe distress. Reportedly, these animals, chained and malnourished, were found in a backyard, their physical condition pointing towards prolonged suffering. This ghastly sight, where ribs, spines, and hips were reportedly painfully visible on every dog, demands immediate attention and action.

Further details from the scene paint a picture of apparently gross neglect. Allegedly, water, when available, was contaminated and unfit for consumption and food was nowhere in sight. Officers reported that the dogs were restrained by metal chains, cruelly tethered and left with inadequate shelter. In one particularly distressing find, a small black puppy was apparently located in a kennel, isolated and neglected, without food or water. The Arizona Humane Society, summoned to the scene, was reported to note the inadequacy of the shelters provided, intensifying the animals' distress.

This horrific scenario not only exposes the inhumanity apparently inflicted upon these innocent animals but also calls for stringent legal measures. Demand the prosecution of the individuals responsible for this cruelty.


Dear Rachel Mitchell,

In the wake of the recent shocking discovery in Phoenix, where eight dogs were apparently found in a state of severe neglect, we turn to you for justice. This case, involving animals reportedly subjected to extreme malnutrition and inhumane conditions, represents a clear violation of animal welfare laws. The alleged details - dogs with visible ribs and spines, chained and denied basic necessities like clean water and food - illustrate a disturbing level of cruelty.

This situation is not merely about animal welfare but also about the moral and legal responsibilities we hold as a society. The people responsible for this cruelty have not only inflicted pain and suffering on these animals but have also violated societal norms and laws designed to protect the voiceless. We urge you to take swift and decisive legal action against them. Their prosecution is not just about penalizing wrongdoing but also about affirming our commitment as a community to compassion and justice.

We, therefore, request that you prioritize this case and ensure that those responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Such actions will send a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious offense and will not be tolerated in our society. We look forward to your prompt response and action in this matter.


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Photo credit: Dey Alexander

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