Justice for Over 60 Animals, Both Domestic and Wild, Allegedly Denied Basic Welfare

Target: Martin Hinton QC, Director of Public Prosecutions in South Australia

Goal: Secure stringent legal consequences for individuals accused of grievous animal neglect.

Recent reports have surfaced, revealing a harrowing tapestry of apparent animal neglect.

Over 60 creatures, including domestic and wild animals, were reportedly discovered in alarming conditions. Their plight speaks volumes about human indifference and cruelty. These accusations, if true, represent a stark violation of basic animal welfare principles. From dogs with untreated tumors to animals living in filth, the scale and severity of the reported neglect are deeply unsettling. Each case, unique in its horror, unites in a narrative of apparent disregard for life.

Further examination of these allegations uncovers more disturbing details. In one instance, a Siberian Husky was allegedly found deceased in a trash bin. Another case involves a Standardbred horse, reportedly emaciated and suffering immensely. Yet another account describes animals reportedly forced to live in their own waste, an utterly deplorable situation. These specific examples highlight the urgent need for intervention and justice. They are not mere statistics but living beings subjected to alleged atrocities.

Change is imperative. The community cries out for justice, not only as retribution but as a deterrent against future acts of cruelty. Demand stringent legal action against those accused of such heinous neglect. This petition seeks to ensure that each alleged act of cruelty meets with appropriate legal consequences, sending a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.


Dear Martin Hinton QC,

We write to you on behalf of voiceless victims, animals allegedly subjected to unthinkable neglect and suffering. From the emaciated dogs and cats to wild birds and a horse, each case seemingly points to a profound disregard for animal welfare. These animals, if the allegations prove true, endured pain and neglect at the hands of those charged with their care. The details emerging from these cases are not only shocking but demand urgent legal attention.

In one case, a dog was reportedly found with a large, untreated tumor, leading to its humane euthanasia. Another instance involves animals forced to live in their own waste, seemingly indicative of extreme neglect. These specific examples underscore the severity and pervasiveness of the problem. They are not isolated incidents but part of a disturbing pattern. This pattern, if left unaddressed, risks normalizing such cruelty.

Therefore, we urge you to take decisive action. Ensure that those accused of such neglect face stringent legal consequences. This petition is not just a call for justice for the animals but a plea to uphold the values of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings. We must set a precedent that animal neglect is a serious offense, worthy of significant legal repercussions.

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Photo credit: Pamela Carls

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