Justice for Innocent Puppies Allegedly Killed by Local Traders

Target: Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, India

Goal: Ensure legal punishment for individuals implicated in the cruel killing of seven stray puppies.

On a fateful day at HMT Junction in the Indian state of Kerala, a heinous crime shook the local community. Seven stray puppies, barely two weeks old, were found lifeless, scattered across various locations. These innocent beings, who relied on the kindness of local traders and residents for sustenance, reportedly met a tragic and brutal end. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Kalamassery police are investigating this appalling incident, seeking justice for the voiceless victims.

Further inquiries by the SPCA suggest that certain area traders may have appointed someone to execute this cruel act. Despite denials, the pursuit of truth and accountability continues. A government veterinary surgeon’s intervention brought further dismay, revealing the puppies were likely drowned or poisoned – a discovery made more harrowing considering their tender age. This disturbing case not only demonstrates a severe lack of humanity but also an urgent need for stringent legal action against animal cruelty.

It is imperative that those implicated in this atrocity face legal repercussions. Their actions not only ended innocent lives but also inflicted immense suffering on the mother dog, who was desperately trying to bury her pups. This incident is a stark reminder of why robust legal frameworks and enforcement are crucial in protecting animals from such unspeakable acts. We demand that appropriate legal action is taken against those allegedly involved in this cruel incident.


Dear CM Pinarayi Vijayan,

We write to you with heavy hearts, seeking justice for a deeply disturbing incident at HMT Junction. Seven helpless stray puppies were reportedly cruelly killed, an act that has not only caused outrage but also grief in our community. These innocent animals, who had just begun their lives, were allegedly drowned or poisoned, a conclusion drawn from a post-mortem examination. Such a despicable act cannot go unpunished.

SPCA’s investigation points towards involvement by local traders, who allegedly hired someone for this inhumane act. Despite their denials, the evidence and circumstances surrounding the deaths of these puppies suggest foul play. This tragic event highlights a grievous lapse in our society’s moral compass and underscores the need for stringent legal action against those who commit such atrocities against animals.

We urge you to take swift and decisive action in this case. By ensuring that those responsible are held accountable, you will be sending a strong message against animal cruelty. Let this case serve as a precedent, affirming our community’s commitment to the welfare and protection of all living beings. We trust in your commitment to justice and implore you to act diligently in this matter.


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Photo credit: Jon Hurd


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    INDIA, another gut-wrenchingly vile, cruel, barbaric country inhabited by equally psychotic, sadistic, soul-less, GOD-LESS pieces of human garbage. It appears that most countries in ASIA are the bottom of the cess-pit of depravity, brutally and cruelty.

  2. Enuff_is_Enuff says:

    Sick demented third world bastards.They should be hanged and beaten then left in the most desolate place there is.

  3. anyone who kills innocent animals especially puppies and kittens is the lowest form of life and a waste of oxygen. The fact they are allowed to breath the same air as other living things is disheartening. You would have to wonder if they have severally damaged souls or are they just pure evil sludge that oozed up from hell.

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