Justice for Senior Elephant’s Alleged Suffering and Abuse

Target: Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister of Thailand

Goal: Initiate legal proceedings against individuals allegedly responsible for Kham Phaeng’s abuse.

Reportedly emaciated and scarred, 54-year-old Kham Phaeng’s plight in Pattaya has sparked global concern. Her condition, as described by Unchained Elephants, paints a harrowing picture: severe dental wear, loss of an eye, potential internal parasites, and a body marred by the rigors of trekking and logging. This case symbolizes a broader issue of animal cruelty that demands urgent attention. For Kham Phaeng and others like her, immediate legal action is not just a matter of justice; it’s seemingly a necessity for their survival.

Kham Phaeng’s condition reportedly stems from a lifetime of exploitation. According to Unchained Elephants, her worn teeth, missing eye, and damaged hips and back are direct results of her strenuous and painful labor. Furthermore, tourists continue to fuel this alleged cruelty by patronizing elephant rides, ignoring the horrors elephants like Kham Phaeng endure. Such apparent neglect and exploitation must be addressed legally to prevent further suffering.

The rescue and rehabilitation efforts for Kham Phaeng are commendable, but they are not enough. We demand that those responsible for her alleged mistreatment face legal scrutiny. This action will send a powerful message against animal cruelty and ensure that others do not suffer as Kham Phaeng allegedly has. We must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.


Dear PM Srettha Thavisin,

We are writing to urge you to initiate legal proceedings against the individuals allegedly responsible for the abuse and mistreatment of Kham Phaeng, a 54-year-old elephant in Pattaya. Her current state, as reported by Unchained Elephants, indicates a life of severe neglect and exploitation. This situation reportedly reflects a disturbing trend of animal cruelty that must be addressed through legal channels.

Kham Phaeng’s condition is reportedly the result of years of labor in trekking and logging, alongside alleged mistreatment by those who profited from her labor. Her worn teeth, loss of an eye, and skeletal frame are not just signs of old age but of reportedly sustained cruelty and neglect. Such alleged abuse cannot be overlooked. Legal action against those responsible is essential to set a precedent against animal exploitation.

As a concerned citizen, we urge you to take swift action. The legal pursuit against those allegedly responsible for Kham Phaeng’s condition is not only about one elephant’s suffering. It represents a stand against a wider issue of animal cruelty. By holding individuals accountable, we can deter future abuse and ensure that animals are treated with the respect and care they deserve.


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Photo credit: snowflakegirl


  1. Release this poor SUFFERING ABUSED Elephant NOW!!!
    ALL you cruel murdering bastards WILL BURN IN HELL!!!!!

  2. Elephants have very long life, how long more do you want her as well as others to suffer??? Please send them to a reliable and responsible santuary already!

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