27 Animals That Allegedly Survived Extreme Neglect Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Chris Becker, Kent County Prosecutor, Michigan, USA

Goal: Take strict legal action in the case of alleged animal cruelty where numerous animals were found in deplorable conditions.

In a shocking case from Gaines Township, Michigan, a 31-year-old man faces serious allegations of animal cruelty. Following a police intervention at Southwood Village mobile home park, officers discovered a scene of apparent neglect. Inside the residence they reported finding 27 living animals, including various snakes and spiders, along with 10 deceased snakes.

Reportedly, these animals suffered due to the owner’s neglect, particularly after June, as per court documents. It is alleged that the man, previously engaged in the trade of these creatures, ceased their care following a personal relationship breakdown. This apparaently led to the death and decay of several reptiles under his charge.

The Kent County sheriff’s deputy, initially responding to a domestic matter, uncovered this grim situation. Animal control was immediately contacted, leading to the seizure of all animals. Among the rescued were boa constructors, pythons, corn snakes, tree snakes, tarantulas, and a tegu.

This case not only highlights a severe instance of animal neglect but also raises concerns about the trade and care of exotic animals. It is a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with animal ownership, especially species requiring specialized care.


Dear Mr. Chris Becker,

This letter brings to your attention a grave instance of alleged animal cruelty in Gaines Township, Michigan. A man, aged 31, reportedly failed in his duty to care for numerous animals, leading to a distressing situation of neglect and death.

We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation into this matter. Every detail must be scrutinized to ascertain the full extent of this neglect. We seek justice not only for the deceased animals but also for those who endured severe neglect.

Given the seriousness of these allegations, we trust that you will pursue this case with the utmost diligence. Those found guilty of such heinous acts must face the full force of the law.

This case must serve as a deterrent to prevent future occurrences of similar neglect, especially in the trade of exotic animals. Your action in this matter will reinforce the message that animal cruelty is a serious offense in our society.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife

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