Justice for Alleged Horrific Animal Cruelty at Certified Pig Farm

Target: Luis Planas, Minister of Animal Welfare and Ethics, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain

Goal: Ensure immediate legal consequences for alleged animal cruelty at a certified pig farm.

In a recent probe, shocking allegations emerged about a pig farm in Quintanilla del Coco, Burgos. The farm, with a capacity for around 5,000 pigs, allegedly displayed conditions that are nothing short of nightmarish. The Spanish NGO Animal Welfare Observatory (OBA) provided evidence of severely injured pigs, contaminated food, and, most disturbingly, frequent acts of cannibalism among the animals. Such conditions, if true, reflect a gross violation of animal welfare norms.

Additional distressing details include the farm’s vicinity reportedly littered with animal remains and the farm owner, Domingo del Pozo Martínez, holding two animal welfare seals despite these conditions. This revelation not only questions the farm’s operations but also casts doubt on the certification processes. The gruesome reality, as portrayed in the investigation, starkly contrasts with the farm’s animal welfare certification, which has been suspended post-inspections. The alarming evidence and the owner’s denial of any wrongdoing further exacerbate concerns about transparency and ethical conduct in animal agriculture.

This situation necessitates urgent intervention. The alleged atrocities at this farm cannot be overlooked. If true, they demand strict legal repercussions. The emotional and physical suffering of these animals, if confirmed, calls for a thorough investigation and immediate legal action against all responsible parties. This petition aims to ensure that justice prevails and such horrifying incidents are never repeated.


Dear Luis Planas,

Recent findings by the Animal Welfare Observatory at a pig farm in Burgos have surfaced, raising grave concerns about animal treatment in certified farms. Allegations include severely injured pigs and unsanitary conditions, suggesting a blatant disregard for animal welfare. This shocking revelation at a farm, previously certified for animal welfare, casts a shadow over the certification process and ethical standards in the industry.

The detailed accounts of the conditions at this farm, if proven true, are deeply troubling. Animals allegedly subjected to extreme neglect and cruelty in a certified facility is unacceptable. The juxtaposition of the farm’s alleged state and its certification raises critical questions about oversight and accountability in animal welfare certifications. The fact that such conditions could exist unnoticed for years under the guise of certification is alarming.

Given these circumstances, we urge you to take immediate action. A thorough investigation into this farm and a review of the certification process are necessary. If these allegations are confirmed, those responsible must face legal consequences. This incident should serve as a catalyst for stringent measures to safeguard animal welfare and ensure transparency in the agriculture sector.


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Photo credit: Vanessa Cardui

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