Justice for Cats Allegedly Abandoned and Starved to Death

Target: Flynn D. Broady Jr., District Attorney for Cobb County, GA

Goal: Prosecute suspect accused of starving 30-plus cats to death to fullest extent.

Over 30 cats allegedly endured starvation and eventual cannibalism in a Georgia residence described by investigators as “uninhabitable.” Authorities discovered the deceased felines at the home of Tiffany Nicole Burley. They reported the following heartbreaking conditions: “the average cat was less than two inches thick, and the remains of the other cats were skeletal remains only, appearing as though they had been consumed by the stronger cats.”

Apparently, investigators were conducting a welfare check on the suspect when they found the shocking site. They initially could not locate the woman, who had reportedly not been at the residence for several months. Upon her apprehension, she was charged with multiple counts of animal abandonment and aggravated cruelty to animals.

She was placed in jail without bond, which signals the legal system is so far treating this case with the seriousness it deserves. Sign the petition below to ensure prosecutors follow through and secure justice for these innocent reported victims.


Dear DA Broady,

Imagine living for days, weeks, and even months with no access to food or water as your body slowly fails you. And imagine the only possible sustenance being the others that surround you who are enduring the same agony. This horrific fate allegedly befell more than 30 living beings at the home of Tiffany Nicole Burley.

As investigators said of the suspect, she could have reached out for help if she could not care for the dozens of cats at her residence. Instead, she allegedly abandoned them to starvation and a prolonged death for months. She needs to face full legal repercussions if she is found guilty of these allegations.

Please seek maximum charges in this highly disturbing case.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. vmbq9@outlook.com says:

    I hope Tiffany rots in jail for the rest of her life! How dare her starve innocent beings! All she had to do was ask for help! What a selfish stupid person, how cruel she has been, lock her up for the max, and take every penny she has to help animals! She doesn’t have the right to be free! Torturing innocent animals is a crime, that I wish was a felony, and she should get the max, fine her the max,long, long, probation-she should never have animals again, long public service, long time. Cruelty should never have a slap on the wrist, make an example of her.

  2. Give her the worst treatment there is rot bitch sicko

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