Justice for Injured Kittens Subject to Alleged Horrific Abuse

Target: Chad Parks, First Assistant District Attorney for Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Prosecute those responsible for the grievous harm inflicted on two defenseless kittens.

Two kittens in Beaver County faced a harrowing ordeal, discovered with severe injuries in a shocking incident of apparent animal abuse. Found in Beaver Falls, the kittens, only 10 weeks old, bore wounds believed to be intentionally inflicted. Allegations suggest a band was wrapped around their limbs, disrupting blood flow and killing tissue, a clear sign of intentional harm. This gruesome discovery paints a disturbing picture of cruelty against defenseless animals.

The Beaver County Humane Society described the condition of these felines as deeply troubling. Injuries so severe that amputation became necessary, indicating the extent of the trauma. Their pain, palpable and heart-wrenching, underscores the urgency of our plea. This incident not only highlights the vulnerability of animals but also the depths of cruelty they can face. The kittens, despite their ordeal, show resilience and a will to survive. Such acts of cruelty cannot go unpunished, as they betray basic tenets of humanity and empathy.

This case has struck a chord in the community, eliciting a mix of outrage and empathy. The kittens’ plight symbolizes a broader issue of animal rights and protection. Ensure justice in this case and help deter future acts of barbarity that have no place in our society.


Dear Assistant District Attorney Parks,

I write to you regarding a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty in Beaver County. Two young kittens were reportedly found with grave injuries, indicative of intentional harm. This case has not only shocked the community but also raised serious concerns about animal welfare and justice. The details emerging from the Beaver County Humane Society reveal a tale of pain and suffering inflicted on innocent animals. Such acts of cruelty demand a swift and just response.

The nature of the kittens’ injuries — severe enough to necessitate amputation — speaks volumes about the severity of the abuse. These actions, if proven true, not only constitute a serious crime but also reflect a gross violation of moral and ethical standards. It is imperative that we uphold these standards by ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice. The community’s trust in the legal system hinges on its response to such blatant acts of cruelty.

Therefore, I urge you to take immediate action in this matter. This case presents an opportunity to affirm our collective commitment to justice and compassion. By prosecuting those allegedly responsible, you can send a powerful message that such heinous acts will not be tolerated. Our society must stand up for those who cannot defend themselves, and this case represents a crucial test of our resolve to do so.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Татьяна Константинова


  1. I absolutely loathe people who abuse animals, as far as I’m concerned they’re irredeemable. I truly hope the human excrement responsible are found and punished severely.

  2. they should put a rubberband around this scumbags throat and wait and see if his head falls off

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