Justice for Turkeys Allegedly Kicked, Stomped and Beaten at Farm

Target: Michelle Henry, Pennsylvania Attorney General

Goal: Ensure rigorous legal consequences for all involved in Pennsylvania’s largest animal cruelty case.

Shocking and deplorable acts of cruelty against turkeys at several Pennsylvania farms have recently come to light. An extensive investigation, initiated by a complaint from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), reportedly revealed that employees at Plainville Farms were involved in heinous acts of violence against these birds. The cruelty apparently included kicking, stomping, and beating, leading to what is now known as the largest factory-farmed animal cruelty case in U.S. history.

Eleven former employees of Plainville Farms have been charged, with convictions including Joseph Nunez Rosario and Christopher Stephen McArdle. Alleged atrocities occurred across farms in Franklin, Chester, Cumberland, Fulton, Perry, and Union counties. These acts not only represent a gross violation of animal rights but also reflect a disturbing disregard for compassion and ethical treatment in the agricultural sector.

This petition demands strict legal punishment for all individuals involved in this reprehensible behavior. Their actions, allegedly witnessed firsthand by a PETA employee, cannot be overlooked or minimized. It is essential that these cases serve as a deterrent against future acts of cruelty within the industry. Ensure that justice is served not only for the victims, but also to uphold ethical standards in our society.


Dear Attorney General Henry,

The recent revelation of alleged widespread cruelty to turkeys at Plainville Farms in Pennsylvania has shocked and appalled the community. As the largest case of its kind in U.S. history, it demands your immediate attention and action. This letter, representing the voices of concerned citizens, urgently calls for the enforcement of rigorous legal consequences against all individuals involved in these heinous acts.

The extent of the cruelty, involving kicking, stomping, and beating of turkeys, was allegedly witnessed by a PETA employee, leading to charges against eleven former employees. Such brutality not only inflicts unspeakable suffering on innocent animals but also raises serious concerns about ethical practices in our agricultural industries. The convictions of Joseph Nunez Rosario and Christopher Stephen McArdle, among others, represent only a fraction of the necessary legal response to this widespread issue.

We implore you to ensure that all individuals involved in these alleged acts of cruelty face the full extent of legal consequences. These cases must serve as a stark reminder and a deterrent to prevent any future occurrences of such barbarity. It is imperative that justice is served for the victims and that a clear message is sent about the values we uphold as a society.


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Photo credit: Gregory Varnum


  1. If EVERYONE stopped eating animals they wouldn’t be bred to suffer at the hands of these morons in the first place. Do the animals a favour (AND the planet) and stop eating all animals….GO VEGAN,

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