Address Human-Wildlife Conflict Following Tragic Incident

Target: Bhupender Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change

Goal: Establish comprehensive wildlife corridors and community safety measures to prevent human-wildlife conflicts.

A tragedy unfolded in Samabad, Nalanda district in the state of Bihar, raising alarms about the escalating human-wildlife conflicts. Asha Devi, a local woman, succumbed to her injuries following an alleged attack by a wild animal. This incident, occurring while she worked alone in a field, underscores the urgent need for effective and humane wildlife management strategies to ensure the safety of both humans and animals.

On that fateful day, Asha Devi was left to work alone when the alleged attack occurred. Despite receiving medical attention, she fought for her life for 20 days before passing away. This incident reflects a broader issue of wildlife encroachment into human territories and vice versa, indicating a dire need for well-planned wildlife corridors and community education to mitigate such conflicts.

Through this petition, we urge immediate action to establish wildlife corridors and enhance community safety measures. The aim is to provide safe passages for wildlife, reducing their need to venture into human-populated areas. Additionally, community awareness programs are essential to educate locals on coexisting safely with wildlife. These steps are crucial not only for human safety but also for the welfare and conservation of wildlife.


Dear Bhupender Yadav,

The tragic demise of Asha Devi in Samabad due to an alleged wildlife attack highlights a critical issue: the increasing human-wildlife conflicts in our region. Your office has the power and responsibility to address this escalating problem effectively and humanely.

The incident in which Asha Devi was gravely injured underscores the need for better management of wildlife habitats and human settlements. The current situation points towards inadequate measures in place to prevent such conflicts. It is essential to establish wildlife corridors and implement comprehensive community safety initiatives.

We urge you to take immediate action to create wildlife corridors, ensuring safe passage for animals and reducing their encroachment into human areas. Concurrently, we request the development of extensive community education programs to promote coexistence and safety. These measures are not only vital for human safety but also for the conservation and welfare of our region’s wildlife.


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Photo credit: India Water Portal

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